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Jul 14, 2007 05:53 PM

What to do with fish heads and fish tails?

So I'm doing this little experiment on eating on $3 a day.

At the farmers market that sells fancy wild, just-off-the boat salmon and other fish for about $15 a pound, they are selling the fish heads, tails and other leftovers from the fillets for a buck fifty a pound ... $1.50 ... yep.

There is a generous amount of fish with the heads and tails. So I'm thinking fish chowder? Any recipies?

It would be nice to have a chowder or recipe where some of the servings could be frozen. So I'm thinking a cream or milk-based chowder wouldn't do.

Doesn't have to be chowder. Could be any recipe using heads and tails.

So ... like what happens to the eyes when you cook the fish heads? Do they stay in place or kind of float around?

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  1. I don't know about you, but I'm waiting for Sam Fujisaka to show up in this thread.
    At $1.50 a pound I'm dying to know what can be made with those components, although I must admit my first thought was stock. On the other hand I have heard about fish head curry..... never have tasted it tho.

    1. When I worked for a major chain grocery and the salmon used to come into the store head on (it grossed naitives out). I taught the people in the seafood deparment to remove the heads attracively and turn all of the head meat and cheeks into salmon salad. It flew out the door. We demoed it a few times and then coukd not have enough on hand. Unfortunately the company realized that salmon or any head on fish was a profit loser Not that I'm there any longer but there are no head on fish. I guess the cat food industry is getting the profits.

      1. You could poach the tails and heads in salted water, with some vegetables scraps, like onion, carrot, celery. Let the pieces cool in the broth, and then pick off all the meat. You could make salmon patties with the flaked meat or use it in a salad with greens or pasta.

        1. Boil, salvage the meat for chowder , plant the heads and tails under rose bushes.

          1. Croquettes!

            I love to fish for salmon, and hate to pitch any of it. A decadent way to use any meat that escapes the fillet knife is croquettes.

            Simmer fish frames in a large pot of salted water for a couple of minutes. Pick off the meat. Mix with parsley, minced onions (or leeks or shallots), flour to stiffen, eggs to moisten, and salt and pepper to taste. Form patties or balls and deep-fry, pan-fry, or sautee.

            Serve with a green salad. That doesn't make it health food, but does assuage the guilt.