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Jul 14, 2007 05:50 PM

Restaurant week is upon us...

two things:
1. love it or hate it? just curious...

2. i caved and made a dinner reservation at the black duck in murray hill. any good?

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  1. To be fair, I haven't actually eaten there-We had reservations at the Black Duck last RW (in the winter)...I arrived before my wife. It's connected to a hotel. I was seated and waited. And waited. While waiting for someone to ask me if I wanted a drink, a bunch of guys, with loose ties, came in from the hotel side and sat at the bar, and proceded to talk very loudly and order drinks...mind you-the tables are along the bar, so you are quite near. I looked at the menu, which didn't inspire (I think there were two choices of each course.) By the time my wife came in, I was ready to leave, and we did. Not to say you won't enjoy it, but just a warning.

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    1. re: David W

      shucks. well, at least it'll be an adventure.

      1. re: carolinerex

        We had dinner at the Black Duck once though not during RW. We were not seated near the bar but at one of the tables in an alcove at the rear of the room. It wasn't noisy (no raucous guys with loose ties) and, in fact, the overall ambiance was quite pleasant. I can't remember what we had which, obviously, means I didn't leave raving about the food. However, I would certainly remember if it had been really bad, so I'd say it was probably just o.k.

    2. I personally love it...Ive been doing it every winter and summer i moved to the city...
      i have reservations at mercer kitchen tonite, megu friday, and petrossian next week. im not sure if the menus will be anything like their normal dinner menus, but i think itll be worth it just to get a small taste of these places.
      last winter i went to fig & olive, which was good..though not amazing.
      Ive also made it to 21 Club for lunch and Hatsuhana...
      I think the best dinner ever (during RW) was at Indochine...great food.

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      1. re: lemonyc

        I think it all depends on the place you choose. I've had disappointing RW experiences as well as great ones. Every restaurant has a different way of handling it. I really enjoyed my RW meal at Thalassa this Winter.

        1. re: foodie4life

          Any noteworthy lunch experiences thus far? Particularly interested in places that still have tables available... unsurprisingly, most of my top choices are booked solid.

          1. re: Aaron L.

            If at all possible, go to Aquavit. Most beautiful interior ever, and the food is as good as they say.

            1. re: queenzeke

              I went to Aquavit for lunch today and it was very good. I was excited to go since I have been to the old location with the waterfall and yet to try this one. The food and service were both great. Interior is very modern and nice.

        2. re: lemonyc

          I have reservations at Mercer Kitchen next week for dinner, how was the RW menu and does it have anything for my vegetarian friend? thanks!

          1. re: iaacf23

            I was there for dinner on monday nite...
            choices of appetizer were warm shrimp salad or tuna spring roll
            choices of dinner were salmon, burger or roast chicken. dessert was chocolate cake or panna cotta.
            The shrimp salad was ok..nothing amazing, i liked the tuna spring roll...
            we both had the salmon which was quite nice (it was served over something, dont remember what?) the woman next to me had the chicken which looked very, very plain. dessert was the best part, the panna cotta was great, served with strawberries, and the chocolate cake was warm , served with vanilla ice cream...

            needless to say i was unimpressed. id been wanting to check out mercer kitchen forever, i guess ill have to splurge on the real menu to appreciate it.

            im looking forward to dinner at megu tomorrow and at petrossian next week!

            1. re: lemonyc

              Thanks! You have been a great help! We are just in town for a few days and I made reservations at Tribeca Grill, too. Maybe we will go with that instead.

        3. I'm generally annoyed by restaurant week, but always end up going with a group that I have no part of organizing, just along for the ride so to speak.

          I find that staff treats you differently, like you are just there for restaurant week and otherwise couldn't afford it or something.

          There are so many menu limitations that I often end up ordering off the regular menu anyway.

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          1. re: googllectual

            went to Alto today...highlight: panna cotta...sometimes dessert wins...

            1. re: drumwine

              Can you tell me what were the choices and what you liked and disliked. I am going next Monday for lunch?

          2. I'm heading to Park Ave Summer tonight and Maze next week, anyone tried them yet?