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Vacation in Newport, RI - any suggestions

In a week I'll be going to Newport for the first time. I am looking for any recommendations (ones that are not outrageous price wise) for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

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  1. If you like Italian, try Lucia's for dinner (on Thames St.). It is BYOB so you save money on the liquor cost, and the food is fabulous. For a casual lunch, try Brick Alley Pub, or for a fabulous view (but more $), go to the Inn at Castle Hill. For great clams, try Flo's. The Wave Cafe has the best muffins for breakfast. Have fun!!!

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      We were very underwhelmed by Lucia's. I guess we expected more, based on the recommendations on this board, but it was just normal, boring red sauce Italian. For Italian in Newport, our favorite is Puerini's. We also have had good meals at The Mooring, Restaurant Bouchard (upscale French - yum!), and the Rhumb Line.

    2. There's another Italian, Mamma Luisa's, also on Thames which is incredible. Not BYOB - it's upscale. Beautiful restaurant, fabulous homemade authentic Italian food, one of the best meals we had when there.


      1. Puerini's...no air conditioning. Not much fun to eat hot Italian food in July without AC! Mamma Luisa's is nice, but you'll pay for it!

        1. I would second The Mooring, although I would recommend going there at off times -- perhaps a late lunch or an early dinner -- because it's very popular. Also, look for an ice cream chain called the Newport Creamery, it has wonderful desserts. You also should try a coffee milk during your trip.

          1. Mama Luisa's is truly wonderful. Not cheap, but prices are fair for the quality of the food and the experience. We have also loved Shells and Scales for great seafood and for more "innovative" fare, try Tucker's Bistro on Broadway.

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              We enjoy Scales and Shells for fresh seafood. Coffee and a pastry at the Coffee Grinder on Bannister Wharf. Get a latte and sit in an Adirondack chair on the dock. No finer way to start the day. We also like Yesterdays for their excellent beer selection and the food is a step above pub fare. Ocean Coffee Roasters has a good breakfast.

            2. Thanks for everyone's suggestions - they sound great!

              1. i lived in newport for a while and can say my favorite restaurant is Puerini's Restaurant.
                i have never been there when the ac wasn't working. must have been an off night. The food is great- the atmosphere is very bistro-ish- and you can sit outside if you wish...

                I don't know how long you'll be in nwpt so I'm going to give you a few recs for different price ranges. If you go to http://www.gonewport.com you can get a list of places and maybe even google for the menus w/ pricing...

                Mama Luisa's just isn't the same. I wouldn't go there- plus a bit of a hike (puerini's is better IMO


                Asterisk on Thames has good food (&drinks) and a fun atmosphere. Salvation Cafe also had a good atmosphere-. (though i like the food better at asterisk, Salvation has an outside Tiki bar that can be fun)

                If you're looking for something not too expensive try the Thai Cuisine. The food is always good- and it's not too pricey.. It's right on thames so you can walk around after dinner and maybe even down to the wharfs etc...

                For a snack... Try Cold Fusion Gelato on thames. they have really yummy stuff!

                I also had a pretty good dinner recently at Norey's on Broadway- it's off the beaten path and the wait staff is very friendly. Norey makes the desserts from scratch- yum! (they also have good breakfast there)

                For breakfast if you just want something simple...try the Franklin Spa Restaurant- not fancy- locals and tourists go there. Same with Ocean Breeze Cafe -also good -slightly more expensive.

                Lots of people will go to The Red Parrot - they have a really big menu- the food isn't anything to write home about but it will be a bit cheaper than say the Mooring.
                But at the Mooring you will get a great view if you sit outside. And the "donuts" are really good!- Drinks are good too. you could get apps and drinks and be happy (well I'm dreaming about it anyway :) )

                I find Scales and Shells to be WAY over rated- everything is way over-priced and everything is a la carte- It's also VERY loud in there-Plus they only take cash (i believe)

                The Black Pearl has outside seating- you can have a hamburger- and look at the boats- (the hamburgers are good- )

                One last thing, Cafe Zeldas also has really good food. I have had Sunday brunch and Dinner- not lunch but I bet it will be good- (fri, sat and sunday)

                Ok I will stop blabbing on now. Good Luck!
                (you will probably find most of the menu's on line) I hope this info helped- I love Newport and hope that you have a wonderful time on your trip!

                ps. If by chance you are staying at the Hyatt- they have a great outside bar- Pineapples, great VIEW- be sure to go there-

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                  Black Pearl was good for lunch - don't know if I'd want to do dinner there, but we really enjoyed the chowder.

                  Agree about Red Parrot. Very reasonably priced, good food, big menu and fun - but no views.

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                    A big YES to Pineapple's at the Hyatt, Goat Island. Not a lot to choose from (but a few tasty sandwiches) but at least have a drink at the place w/probably the best view of the bridge in Newport.