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Jul 14, 2007 05:06 PM

Vacation in Newport, RI - any suggestions

In a week I'll be going to Newport for the first time. I am looking for any recommendations (ones that are not outrageous price wise) for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

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  1. If you like Italian, try Lucia's for dinner (on Thames St.). It is BYOB so you save money on the liquor cost, and the food is fabulous. For a casual lunch, try Brick Alley Pub, or for a fabulous view (but more $), go to the Inn at Castle Hill. For great clams, try Flo's. The Wave Cafe has the best muffins for breakfast. Have fun!!!

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      We were very underwhelmed by Lucia's. I guess we expected more, based on the recommendations on this board, but it was just normal, boring red sauce Italian. For Italian in Newport, our favorite is Puerini's. We also have had good meals at The Mooring, Restaurant Bouchard (upscale French - yum!), and the Rhumb Line.

    2. There's another Italian, Mamma Luisa's, also on Thames which is incredible. Not BYOB - it's upscale. Beautiful restaurant, fabulous homemade authentic Italian food, one of the best meals we had when there.

      1. Puerini' air conditioning. Not much fun to eat hot Italian food in July without AC! Mamma Luisa's is nice, but you'll pay for it!

        1. I would second The Mooring, although I would recommend going there at off times -- perhaps a late lunch or an early dinner -- because it's very popular. Also, look for an ice cream chain called the Newport Creamery, it has wonderful desserts. You also should try a coffee milk during your trip.

          1. Mama Luisa's is truly wonderful. Not cheap, but prices are fair for the quality of the food and the experience. We have also loved Shells and Scales for great seafood and for more "innovative" fare, try Tucker's Bistro on Broadway.

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              We enjoy Scales and Shells for fresh seafood. Coffee and a pastry at the Coffee Grinder on Bannister Wharf. Get a latte and sit in an Adirondack chair on the dock. No finer way to start the day. We also like Yesterdays for their excellent beer selection and the food is a step above pub fare. Ocean Coffee Roasters has a good breakfast.