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Jul 14, 2007 04:43 PM

Victoria and Alberts "Chefs Table"

My husband and I have a reservation for dinner in the main dining room this coming August for our anniversary. We have been once before for a previous anniversary and loved it, I was served the best Foie Gras I have ever had there. The wine pairing was chosen very well, and was more than enough for me. My husband actually split it with me, because they served a full glass of wine with each of the six courses.

So my question for all you Florida Chow Hounds is, Has anyone ever eaten at the chefs table in the kitchen? I am really curious to see if it is worth the hype? Is there a minimum number of people required to book it? Tell me everything...

PS-if you have I am already jealous of you.

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  1. We eat at the Chef's Table every year for our anniversary! There is no minimum number of people to book it; you can have even 1 person only. They told us that it's usually reserved by couples, and we always go just as a couple. We like it a lot, just because we like getting to try so many different dishes. It's interesting to watch the cooks in action, but we do feel bad asking them questions sometimes, because we don't want to interrupt them. They will go out of their way to come talk to us sometimes, though, and, since we return year after year, they recognize us. If you chat with them, they'll customize dishes for you; when we used to eat meat, we told them that we were huge fois gras fans, and one of the cooks added a little piece of foie gras to our next course, in addition to the fois gras course :)

    If you can't get Chef's Table reservations, though, don't despair: you can actually eat the Chef's Table menu in the main dining room. We did this when we went to V&A's in December for my husband's birthday. Just call the restaurant in advance and tell them that you'd like to do this, so that they can clear it with Chef Scott. That is actually a nice option, since you get the benefit of the romantic atmosphere of the main dining room coupled with the adventurous eating of the Chef's Table.

    We have 2 reviews on our dining journal: one of the actual Chef's Table last August:

    And one of the Chef's Table menu in the main dining room last December:

    We always leave uncomfortably full, and I usually leave a bit from the heavier courses on my plate, just so I can finish without getting ill. It's a LOT of food.

    Oh, and if you are a foie gras fan, we just got back from a trip to New York, and my husband said that the foie gras he had at Per Se was truly incredible, even better than any that he's had at Victoria & Albert's, which is saying a lot!

    Heather W

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      Wow, thanks for the awesome feedback, and advice. I will call tomorrow and try to get the chef's menu in the dining room. A huge coincidence is that I am going to NYC labor day weekend for a girls weekend, not sure that I can get my girlfriend to spring for the cost of Per Se...I love foie gras!!!!!

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        My husband wants to know if there is a surcharge to have the chefs table menu in the dining room. If so, how much please? He's the frugal one...

        1. re: LunasMom

          Hi! I'm not positive, but I *think* it costs $115 for the regular menu and $150 for the Chef's Table menu. These are per person charges. I believe that the Chef's Table menu wine pairings cost more, also, since there are more courses.

          Heather W

      2. I have been many times-never to the chef's table-they liken it to getting concert
        tickets. As I am only in Orlando two weeks out of the yr. during my anniversary
        I/we would love to have the opportunity, as the chef prepares the meal especially
        for you

        1. I cannot add a word to Heather's review other than to reinforce it my my own experiences.

          When asked the dreaded and ubiquitous question, "What's your favorite restaurant," after a lengthy explaination about why that's a dumb question I invariably say the Chef's Table at V&A.

          Be prepared to pay and to leave full with the attitude that it was worth it.

          Just watching the mostly silent kitchen staff do their "ballet with knives" in the kitchen is worth sitting at the Chef's Table.