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Jul 14, 2007 04:08 PM

Delivery Uptown

Can anybody add to this list of places that deliver uptown? And also tell me if it's good or not. These are the places I already know of.

Fresco Cafe
Roman Pizza


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  1. Cote Sud delivers pizza, not sure about the rest of their menu. My favorite pizza in town. Pepperoni's pizza delivers, also.

    I did not know Mona's delivers, handy info, thanks!

    1. Check out and click tulane.

      1. NY Pizza (on Magazine)
        World's Healthiest Pizza (has anyone eaten this stuff? please report.)
        Dough Bowl (surprisingly good, considering how close it is to the Boot)

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        1. re: Hungry Celeste

          I have tried the world's healthiest pizza. It's pretty good for what it claims to be: healthy pizza. Far from delicious, but it wasn't bad at all. Just healthy-tasting, filling, kinda heavy in a whole-grain, fiber-y sort of way. Makes me want to drink water just thinking about it... And, the toppings were good quality.

          Delivery addition: August Moon Chinese Restaurant

          1. re: rcrochet

            is there a menu online for world's healthiest pizza?

        2. Hot Wok delivers now. I forgot what street it's on, I think it's Louisiana. It's in the same plaza as the blockbuster and subways on Magazine. That's the best best for chinese devliery uptown. Red Star is too far and slow for my chinese fix. Mikimoto delivers too.

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            1. re: lawstudent

              mikimoto does...i think it's but not hot wok...

            2. re: Troika

              Ate hot wok the other day for the first time. It was good and cheap. Lomein was awesome.

            3. Doesn't 5 Happpiness deliver?

              Beware the Mons'a delivery guy- one time I tipped him 10% and he said that he should get at least 15% which is conveniently shown on the receipt. I gave him 2 extra bucks but vowed to go pick it up myself next time.

              What is the appropriate tip for delivery? (In good weather)

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              1. re: Carrolltonsnob

                Yes, 5 happiness delivers. I tip 10%-20%, guess it depends on my mood and the weather.