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Jul 14, 2007 02:33 PM

Midnight VEGAS dining options near the Wynn?

Athough midnight is not late by Vegas standards, what can I expect to be open for dinner near (or at) the Wynn? My flight doesn't get in until 10 the first night, but I don't want to miss out on even one precious meal during my short stay.

I'll entertain eating anything with the exception various Asian foods (which are aready fantastic and cheap at home). Any price range or decor is fine -- this is a first trip to Vegas, so I'd like to kick off my first dining experience there with a bang and not have to take a trip to the other end of the strip to get it.

Thanks everyone!

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  1. Las Vegas bills itself as a 24 hour city, but it isn't really. Late night activities are mostly restricted to clubbing, drinking, and gambling. Midnight dining options are limited.

    Almost every hotel, including Wynn, has a 24 hour cafe. Some of these cafes are decent, but none are gourmet experiences. I haven't been impressed by Wynn's version (Terrace Pointe Cafe). Somewhat better is the Venetian's Grand Lux Cafe (an upscale version of The Cheesecake Factory).

    Assuming you're looking for something better than that, one possibility is FIX (at Bellagio) - if you're arriving on Friday or Saturday evening. This is a trendy restaurant serving food that is better than one might expect from such a venue. It's only open until midnight weekdays, but is open until 2am Friday and Saturday nights. HOWEVER, it's possible they offer only a reduced menu late at night.

    Cafe Ba Ba Reeba, a tapas bar, might also be open late on weekends. It's located at the Fashion Show Mall, across the street from Wynn.

    The only other places I know of are the Asian places you wish to skip - and trendy Asian places at that. For example, Social House (at TI) offers late night dining Tues-Sat until 2am.

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    1. re: Larry

      I get in on a Sunday night, so the places usually open until 2 on weekends won't work for me. If I checked in, then headed out again, do you have any recommendations on the best of the 24 hour hotel cafes?

      Will the restaurants that close at midnight let you in right up until midnight, or do they stop letting in diners much earlier? I noticed that Noodles at the Bellagio is open until 2am, aside from my former comment of not wanting any Asian food, is it an option that you'd consider? I'll take a note of Social House too. I'd rather eat good Asian food than mediocre American food. :)


      1. re: epicureangirl

        Of the 24 hour hotel cafes, the best I've tried is the Grand Lux. I haven't eaten at that many of the cafes, so take this with a grain of salt.

        I'm not sure how close to closing time you can get to any of these restaurants and still be served. You may be stuck with making lots of phone calls to find out.

        It looks like you may strike out with Social House as well. If its web site is correct, it closes at 11pm Sunday and Monday nights.

        Sorry that I'm not of more help!

        1. re: epicureangirl

          I like Noodles Asia (at the Venetian) a LOT more than Noodles (Bellagio), and it is open till at least 2 AM (and, of course, a lot closer to where you will be staying)..

          1. re: Friend of Bill

            Noodes Asia and the Grand Lux will both be open nice and late, so I think I'll head to the Venetian. Which one would you choose?

          2. re: epicureangirl

            You might try StripBurger (across the street from the Wynn, located at Fashion Show mall--right outiside of Cafe Babareeba)--it is a new outdoor restaurant, and they are open til 2am on Sundays. Good food & cocktails, fun atmosphere.