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Jul 14, 2007 02:23 PM

Taqueria y Pescaderia El Güero, Salinas

After a first stop at Azteca Market and Taqueria ( ), “ciaogina” and I moved on to El Guero in our taco crawl. Pulling into the parking lot, we stepped inside the small grocery store and carniceria and were waved back toward the taqueria. We’d missed the street entrance on N. Sanborn Road, where you step inside to the dulceria counter that scoops Bud’s ice cream

The menu here includes far more than tacos, and I need to return to try one of the many plate offerings. The juke box blares a constant stream of energetic music. Another unique feature is the candlelit shrine festooned with fresh flowers next to the food counter.

Candle-lit shrine -

Ciaogina went with the al pastor taco . . . can’t remember what she thought of it. I was excited to see suadero as a choice, not spotted often in these parts, and ordered that. Score! The beefy rib meat was deep and rich with good grilled flavor. Priced at $1.15 each, plus sales tax, the tacos generously topped with a goodly pile of meat, plus cilantro and onions. The roasted tomato salsa on the suadero was just the right fillip.

Suadero taco -

I returned another time to pick up a taco lunch for my parents. Two suadero, plus lengua and cabeza. This time the suadero was more like a more pedestrian carne asada. Not bad, but no where near the heady experience of the first one, and I suspect that the counter lady made a mistake in selecting from her meat cubbies. The lengua and cabeza tacos, topped with salsa verde, were quite nice too.

Four tacos to go -

Taqueria El Guero has some of the best tacos I’ve had in a brick and mortar restaurant in this town. Not much English spoken, and you order and pay at the counter, but a good alternative the next time you want to take a seat to eat.

P.S. "El Güero" is slang for "blondie".

Taqueria y Pescadería El Güero
834 N Sanborn Rd
Salinas, CA 93905
(831) 751-3151

Stop 3: Chavela Preparada, Taqueria Jalisco in Salinas -

Stop 4: Faster and Better (not quite Cheaper) at Mister Taco, Salinas -

Taqueria El Guero
834 N Sanborn Rd, Salinas, CA 93905

Taqueria Jalisco De La Market
810 E Market St, Salinas, CA 93905

Azteca Market & Taqueria
505 E Market St, Salinas, CA 93905

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  1. I've been back several times since this first post in 2007. Usually for take-out and often for my mother's favorite order, the caldo de pescado. We've watched the price creep up from $5.50 an order climbing to $6.50, yet still consider it a bargain. We bring our own containers and it's more than a quart of poached fillets of tilapia in a chile soup base with lots of veggies and handmade tortillas. I also like the albondigas soup. This photo shows a special of the day, caldo de res, $4.50, and the fish soup.