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Jul 14, 2007 02:06 PM

Tigerland closing???

I heard that Tigerland is closing Sunday. Is this really true???

I spent all day yesterday researching hip, fusion restaurants w/affordable quality food w/o the 2 hr wait and 99% of the reviews that I found were superb. Had high hopes. But now I can't even begin to express how how appalled and heartbroken I am. :-(

Thank god I'll get my chance to at least try this place out before it's gone forever.....

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  1. where did you hear that it's closing?...

    that's too bad if it's true...the food is very good and they use very high-quality ingredients...

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    1. Sadly it's true. I was there on Sunday for a final dinner, I love that place. Hopefully the owners will open up a new place soon.

      1. Thank you guys all so much for your support.....
        We lasted that long because of so many of you wonderful customers...
        Hopefully we will be able to serve you again in the future..