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Jul 14, 2007 01:41 PM

A "Milwaukee" hamburger?

Over the past several weeks I've heard mention of how unique a Milwaukee hamburger is from others across America. Supposedly, it comes dripping in butter! Any idea how they are put together? Fried? Grilled? Recipes?

I love hamburgers and can make a pretty good one on the charcoal grill outside. I'm intrigued by this one tho'. Would love to try to replicate a good version.

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  1. I was just in Milwaukee with my father, and was born there. My father, who grew up there, always has to go to "Sollies" hamburgers. They fry the patty in butter, butter the bun, and serve it with onions grilled in butter. You should check with your doctor before you go there or prepare a like burger, to be sure you are up to the physical challenge! Maybe you can try a prescription fat blocker before ingesting.

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      I grew up in Wisconsin and lived in Milwaukee in the mid-late 70's. I seem to recall hamburger patties and even steaks pan fried in butter. Just before serving piping hot from the pan a small square of butter placed on top to melt....ooh...I love barbara's suggestion of putting some onions glazed in butter to go on top!

      1. re: barbara k

        OMG. Is it that simple?

        My genetic make-up has, so far, protected me from "bad" cholesteral. And...I'm a BIG fan of buttered, toasted bakery buns. So...if I do some burgers in a cast iron fry pan, fried in butter, will that replicate the "Milwaukee" hamburger?

        1. re: Griller

          I don't believe that the genuine article is actually *fried* in butter. Instead, is is fried in a bit of oil and then *topped* with about a heap of solid butter just before service. How much butter, you might ask? Well, you will know that you have used enough butter when your burgers/buns are sitting on their plates in about 1/4" of melted butter.

          At any rate, once was enough for me. I personally found Solly's signature creation to be disgusting.