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Jul 14, 2007 01:35 PM

Ideas for romantic dinner on a budget downtown TO


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  1. My daughter is looking for somewhere to take her BF......entrees10-15$ it possible?

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      Julie's Cuban may be the most romantic low-budget spot in town. Not sure it falls under the $10-15 category, since most of the menu is tapas. But it's tasty, shabby-chic and very intimate.

      1. re: proof

        The definition of romantic is SO very different from person to person.

        A dark lit room with candles and linen and small tables is romantic to some. A room full of beautiful people dressed well is romantic to others. Some people dont look beyond their BF or GF to find romance. Sharing food is romantic to others.

        So that being said, I have seen people having romantic dinners at One of a Kind Pasta on Queen W. Certainly the food and the service is good at great prices.

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          Would help to know a bit more about their tastes/expectations, but... Seven West?

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            Cafe le gaffe, in Baldwin Village is pretty good and can be budget-friendly depending on what you order. The small patio is perfect for a quiet, intimate meal and is great for people watching during those awkward silences.

            Also try Dessert Trends on Harbord Street for reasonably-priced asian-inspired mains, and fantastic desserts. It's a little more lively and less isolated, but the ambiance is nice for a casual-romantic dinner. Downside: I don't think they have their liquor lisence yet.

          2. These are good ideas. Intimate, candles, is always nice, and you must be able to hear each other speak. I forgot about Seven West, good idea. I will check out Julie's Cuban for me! This is such a great site.

            1. What about Calendar on College, I have just been there for a drink. How are the eats? It is near Ossington correct?

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                Kalendar is at college and bathurst (a couple blocks west of bathurst I think). It's pretty romantic and they have a nice patio. The food is ok.

                1. re: cutehinano

                  Everyone has their own idea of romantic, as I mentioned above. I would say that Kalendar is not very intimate if that is what one is after. And the food really is just ok as cute points out.

              2. Honestly, strictly within the price range you mention, I don't think that it's possible. Perhaps under $20/entree. Kalendar: the food is acceptable, but nothing great. The back deck at Kensington Kitchen (has it undergone a name change, perhaps?) on Harbord, up amongst the tree boughs, can be very romantic, and comes close to your price range, although, again, the food is nothing special (but not bad!). That back deck was, um, successfully romantic for me during my university days.