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Jul 14, 2007 01:21 PM

Mexitaco - not bad

Closer to real mexican tacos than anything else I have had in the city, the tacos at Mexitaco (Bloor/Ossington) were at least made with corn tortillas and the traditional open face style.

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  1. While the owner was very nice, I did not like the food at all. The cactus was ok (got a bitter piece at one point), but shells were hard, gauc was bland, rice was bland, pico wasn't how it normally tastes, I've had much better for a cheaper price.

    Also the fact that they don't have regular sized margaritas & you HAVE to order one with 1 1/4 ozs doesn't sit right with me.

    The best MX rest. I go to (don't really like their Quessedias (sp?) too much though) is Mariachi's at 2084 Yonge St. 416-481-7111

    If their other location is still open, I didn't like the food as much.

    Bandido's at 371 King St. W. - 416-597-8383 isn't bad. It has the best selection of margaritas I've ever seen (made with real fruit & normally I ONLY order lime margaritas) & the FIRST time I ever tried limes that weren't sour, or endive that wasn't bitter bitter, BUT the owner's wife is a *^%$*. The last time I called while I was asking her something, she gave me attitude. Then she hung up on me, so I haven't been back since.

    Also, a few times we went over there only to find them closed during regular biz hours, so clearly they have no respect for customers & just do whatever suits them, although when you are there in front of them, they treat you like a celeb (usually).

    Mariachi's is the first MX rest. ever where I tasted cactus which I'll never forget, & I always get it when I go there.

    Be careful though, when you ask for stuff to go, sometimes they miss things, & once they charged us for 4 margaritas instead of 2. Also they can get very busy, so you have to reserve, & they sometimes close b/c of parties.

    1. I miss Mexitaco. :( Before I moved to the east end a month ago, I lived just a few blocks from there and would go at least once a month to get my taco fix (my favourites are their homemade chorizo, and the pastor with pork and pineapple garnished with plenty of cilantro). Their posole is a nice belly-warmer in the wintertime, too.

      As far as I'm concerned, it's about as close to real Mexican as it gets in TO (I was surprised not to get bright yellow rice with frozen veggies, which seems to be the norm just about everywhere else).

      Agreed, their margaritas are on the large side... but since I'm not much of a drinker, I'm more inclined to judge a restaurant solely on their food and stick with a beer. There are plenty of great places to get a well-made drink in the city - many of which have crappy food, come to think of it.