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Jul 14, 2007 12:11 PM

any recommendations for a Chinese hot pot restaurant?

I was in south west China a few months ago and ate at serveral great hot pot restaurants in Yunnan and Szechuan provinces. We went to one in Kunming that specialized in mushroom hot pots. I think they had a dozen or so different types of mushrooms. There was one hot pot restaurant in Chengdu that had a porridge based broth. Another one in Chengdu had a split pot with a white broth on one side and a red spicy broth on the other side.

Can someone recommend a really good hot pot restaurant in Manhattan or Flushing?

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  1. i think the only place in Manhattan to get the split pot hot pot is grand sichuan on canal in chinatown. it's decent. the broths are pretty flavorful and there is a good assortment of items to order alacarte.

    the lexington and 33rd branch of grand sichuan also has hotpot. but the broths are terrible. we went there once because its closer to home and will never go back.

    i've heard there are a number of goodplaces to get it in flushing as wel, but have never been.

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    1. re: FattyDumplin

      szechuan gourmet had it last time i was there, it was listed as a special (check the board in the front)...i saw a couple tables had it although i did not get it

      1. re: Lau

        the place on 39th betw. 5th and 6th?

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          I have been to Szechuan Gourmet several times recently and saw hot pots on several tables. I asked the waitress, since it was not on the english menu. She said that it was on the Chinese menu. I have not had it yet, but it looked very good.

          Does anyone here know what else is on the Chinese menu that we should be asking for?

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            so weird, b/c i called them about a month or two ago to ask about the hotpot and they denied its existence. maybe they didn't like my chinese accent.

        2. re: FattyDumplin

          i agree that the Lex/33rd broth is terrible

          would love to hear some current reports on Manhattan hotpot options...

        3. I have not been to too many in Manhattan but I know there is a Quickly Shabu Shabu (Chinese owned) on Grand Street. I also heard that Wu Liang Ye and Grand Szechuan may have hot pot too but since they are not "hot pot" places, they may only carry Hot Pot dishes in winter time.

          In Flushing, I usually go to Minnie's Shabu Shabu (in Chinese we call it "Yahoo" Hot Pot but I am sure that name is not allowed in English because there is legal issues in using it). They have the typical hot pot that's "individualized" (i.e one per per person), and I am not aware if they have hot spicy pot like you mentioned here but you can double check.

          Here is a link to Minnie's in NY Magazine:

          Another place I am not sure if it's still open but there was a "Little Sheep" (Xiao Fei Yang) in Flushing. It's a chain based in China so it's very authentic, I believe their hot pot contains chinese herbs, which has fairly strong flavor. They have 2 basic broth: Original and Spicy. Suppposedly the herbs (dong gui, plus gogi berries, and jujubes plus more) are from Inner Mongolia so it has sort of an exotic touch to it (different flavor than the Szechuan style Mah-Lah broth). You can get it in "Yuan Yang" (1 spot split in 2 with one "original" and one "red/spicy" ) format as you have mentioned above. The BBQ Lamb skewers are also good.

          I found this on the web but looks like it's called "Happy Family" now? but the food items looks like what I ate while it was still "Little Sheep"

          I think it's still open because the person above has recently gone in June.

          Hope you will enjoy these hot pot places. :)

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            I'm a huge fan of Shanghai Tide in Flushing. $25 for AYCE and all you can drink Budweiser's. Tons of options for ingredients which are always fresh (meat is frozen, but veg is nice and fresh) and lots of options for noodles, dumplings, etc. It's a loud, crowded and hectic environment, but we always have tons of fun at this place.

            1. re: ExFlexitarian

              ate here recently? I thought it was closed but not sure.

              across from there though is a new place named Fire and Ice or something; they have hotpot (individual holes at seat for individual pots) and bubble tea. a very big place, but looked empty when we walked by.

            2. re: bearmi

              Went to Grand Sichuan right off the bridge last month. We ordered the hotpot, and it was good, spicy oily broth, lots of different spices, meat selection was huge, and our beef was fresh, side of rice was old and the place wasn't that clean unfortunately. Flushings i must go. Here's a shot of the pot half way through our meal:

            3. The original comment has been removed
              1. I have been eating at Szechuan Gourmet several time recently. Great food.
                I noticed that many of the Chinese customers had hot pots on their tables.
                It is not on the English menu. When I asked the waitress she said it was on the Chinese menu. I will definitely have to try it sometime.

                Has anyone here tried the hot pot dishes at Szechuan Gourmet?
                Do you know of other interesting dishes that are on the Chinese menu and not on the English menu?