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Jul 14, 2007 11:22 AM

Oakville Grocery in the Domain?

Does anyone know when this is slated to open? Have you ever been to one of them in their other locations? What's special/different about it as compared to other markets in the ATX? I'm really curious about it.

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  1. I could have sworn their website had an exact date, but rechecking it only says July 2007 (on Contact Us page).

    The original Oakville grocery went backrupt earlier this year and was bought by the Rudd's who own the Dean and Deluca in Oakville (as well as a fine winery and an over-priced steakhouse), but I think these franchise deals are not tied to those problems. Though something has slowed the opening.

    1. I had heard that Whole Foods was going to close the store at Gateway and open a bigger store similar to the downtown location at the Domain. Will there be Oakville and a Whole Foods?

      I hadn't heard of Oakville before... happy to know there will be another option in my area for quality prepared takeout food.

      1. Whole Foods will be opening in the Domain - but I think it will be another year atleast. Oakville is much smaller and has things like prepared foods, cheese, wine, and charcuterie.

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          I've been to several. If you've been to a Trader Joe's, they make a TJ's look large. The ones I've been in were only like 40'x100'. They have a small selection of very high end food items. They have a really good but small selection of chef prepared items that are ready to heat and eat ala Central Market.

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            According to their website, Oakville was having a job fair this past week, so opening cant be TOO far ahead.

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            I thought that WFM was building just south of The Domain, across the street from the Home Depot in Arbor Walk. Perhaps they will connect through to The Domain? Or I might be completely wrong here...

          3. Original Oakville Grocery was in Oakville in Napa Valley , then they expanded , and there is one right off the square in Healdsburg.....they are not a grocery at all ; rather , a gourmet food and wine shop........good , fancy sandwiches ; great cheese selection ; other prepared foods to go ; and most important , as you might expect for a store originating in Napa , a broad selection of wines . If they haven't changed their business model , it will not be a large store . I'll bet the one in Healdsburg is 2000 square feet , tops .

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