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Jul 14, 2007 10:25 AM

Shawnee help [KS]

My in-laws have recently moved to Shawnee, around 51st and Quivira. Looking for good eating options in the area, all occasions.

They've tried Old Shawnee pizza, which they like. There's a Pegah's near (haven't tried but heard good things), and a Salvadoran place in Merriam, I think, that looks promising, though getting a little far for neighborhood options. Pine and Bamboo Garden is pretty close by.

I'm sure we'll do in-depth exploration now that they're here...any leads are appreciated.

Oh, also, a gelato place called Aunt Jean's just opened on Johnson Dr in Shawnee, and in the same building, it looks like they're working on a place called Cat Corner Cafe or something.

Thanks for any help!


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  1. My sense of KC geography by I-35 or west of Antioch is pretty shaky so forgive me if I'm mentioning this place on Merriam Drive and it's too far from your folks' place. The husband really enjoyed the homemade burgers at this place called GrandStand Burgers on 4942 Merriam Dr. It was close to a car speed shop so it's probably in a somewhat industrial part of town, not some cutesy/charming downtown area.

    Grandstand Burgers
    4942 Merriam Dr, Shawnee, KS 66203

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      We tried Grandstand Burgers a few weeks ago, by the way, and were favorably impressed. Burgers were quite good, though not necessarily go-out-of-your-way good. Fries were disappointing though.

      Thanks for the tip.

    2. Hmmm, there are a few places nearby I've eaten but wouldn't say I exactly recommend: Dos Reales at Quivira and SMP is family oriented Mexican American fare, heavy on cheese; Freddie's La Cabana at Quivira near 79th has decent for Kansas fish tacos, but expensive for just grilled tilapia in flour tortillas with fresh sides (and their flavored crema is weird, IMO.)

      I'm not sure why I mention this but evertime I go by Panzon's at Lackman and 87th, they're busy, busy, busy. I've never eaten there, but surely something's good if they're always packed? I hope so, anyway. Maybe not, as I don't even know what they serve. Maybe they have a generous bartender?

      I like Pine and Bamboo Garden and am curious to hear about this Salvadoran place--what's it called?

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        'Long time ago Panzon's was in Old Town Lenexa then moved to their current location. Mexican food. I've eaten there several times; IMO it's OK, wouldn't say I absolutely love it, but apparently a lot of folks do. But then, how do you explain the always-crowded Don Chillito's at Metcalf & Johnson Dr.? Oh, speaking of, the place right next door, Two Guys, had a great lunch the first time we went there; even gave away their leftover pastries from the morning baking! Aaron, you mention Aunt Jean's on Johnson Dr.; what's the cross street? OH! Another thought for a really nice dinner: Governor's Meeting House east of Nieman and north of SM Pkwy. And, the owners like the Pegah's up the street on Johnson Dr.; I've seen them there frequently!

        1. re: GiGiWy

          Don Chilito's...ugh.

          I had a surprisingly decent lunch at 2 Guys, also, but it looks like the windows are all papered up now.

          I think Aunt Jean's is a bit west of Nieman, but I don't know my streets out that way so well yet. Wherever the cutesy main street corner of Shawnee is, where the farmer's market is, and an old theater, and a place I just noticed yesterday called something like the Court Of aPpealS Pub n Grub.

          1. re: Aaron Deacon

            Bummer about 2 Guys! That was short-lived ... Yes, the corner you describe sounds like Nieman.

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            Sorry, couldn't help myself

              1. re: amyzan

                Thanks, amyzan. I think Dos Reales is owned by the same outfit that operates Sol Azteca on SW Blvd ( I enjoyed their chile colorado (Sol Azteca's, that is).

                My wife has really enjoyed fish tacos at one of the Houlihan's actually, I think Fairway, but not others.

                Don't recall the name of the Salvadoran place, but I'll post when or if I do.

                1. re: Aaron Deacon

                  The Salvadorean place is El Pulgracito. It is wonderful. The people who run the restaurant are very gracious and will explain any of the food if you're unfamiliar with some things. El Pulgracito is about a half block south of Johnson Drive on Merriam Blvd. Get a banana leaf wrapped tamale with pork, ask for the hot salsa, which isn't on the table and eat everything with the pickled cabbage that is in a jar
                  on each table. The tamales are $2!. Pupusas are $1.50! I love El Pulgracito.

                  1. re: zataar

                    I just had lunch at El Pulgracito. It was great. For $6 dollars you eat like a king. I had 3 items: a bean pupusa, a pork pupusa, and a corn tamale (aka cornbread). The pickled cabbage was a nice addition. All of the items had a nice flavor. The staff was very nice and friendly. It is worth checking out if you are in the area.

                    1. re: jm054

                      I grew up in the Shawnee area. Right across from Old Shawnee Pizza used to lie the best ghetto burger joint EVER. It was called Bob's Big Burger. Sadly, I believe it is now a Pita King, or something to that affect. I have heard good things about Yarbrough's on SM Parkway and Mastin, but cannot say I have tried it myself. I love Pine and Bamboo Gardens, it's some of my favorite chinese, but I am partial since I grew up in the area. If you do venture over to the Merriam side of town, try Chacko's bakery for breakfast/ lunch/ brunch. The owners are very friendly and they have their daughter's running the front of the house. Excellent homemade pastries, a variety of salads and sandwiches made only with gourmet ingredients.

                      1. re: FergMePleez

                        Bob's Big Burger on Nieman went through several changes before it became the present-day Bam Burgers (or something like that). Supposed to be very good.

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