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Jul 14, 2007 10:17 AM

LA for Hippies

I'm giving a self proclaimed Hippie a tour of LA next week. He's real laid back, 30 something, and likes to eat. I'm looking for suggestions for some real laid back, hippie like places for lunches and dinner. It may be more of a vibe thing but the food is important too.

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  1. In Topanga Canyon, there's Inn of the Seventh Ray. Would that qualify?

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    1. re: SauceSupreme

      Plus Froggy's and Abuelitas, both in the middle of the canyon. Time warp for all Hippies.

      Froggy's Topanga Fish Markets
      1105 N Topanga Canyon Blvd
      Topanga, CA 90290
      (310) 455-1728

      1. re: Servorg

        I drove through Topanga on the way to Malibu recently. The area where Abuelita's is could be fun. There's a store in that area that sells windchimes, flags and possibly incense, too.

      2. re: SauceSupreme

        Yes, he might enjoy Inn of the Seventh Ray, although even though it has a new-age menu, it's a little upscale in feel - sort of like rich-hippie-wedding. He (and you!) would definately enjoy browsing at the shops in the Pine Tree Circle near the restaurant, and within the shopping center is a little cafe with sandwiches and such that's much more laid back. He should visit The Man Store and Lobal Orning in that same center - very hippie-esque!

        Further south on Topanga is the Bhutan Store and a natural foods store.

        On PCH, just north of Topanga Canyon Blvd., is a great Thai restaurant. The food is great and the dining room is nice, but they also have an outdoor dining garden at the back that's kind of evocative of the laid back days when Lower Topanga (now sadly vacated by the State Parks) was an artist/hippie colony.

        You might also enjoy in Santa Monica the Urth Caffe on Main Street - and Main Street in general, with its many Yoga studios and aromatherapy joints.

        Or you could go to Cha Cha Chicken, Pico and Ocean in Santa Monica, for a funky, outdoor place to enjoy Caribbean food. This location was a famed surfing and skateboarding area in the 60's and 70's, long gone without a trace. You can muse of this and contemplate, in ironic contrast, the celebrity cachet of the Viceroy Hotel and Shutters on the Beach just a half block away.

        If you go to Topanga, check the schedule at the Theatricum Botanicum, and go see some live theatre outdoors at Will Geer's old place. Or check the calendar at the Community House - maybe there's a fiddle contest, chili cook-off, or blues festival. This would be the perfect outing - he'd be in hippe heaven!

        1. re: SauceSupreme

          Bob Mack - Yah - There's the Inn - it's been there nearly 30 years. Food and prices ain't worth the canyon scene. Abuelita's is ok. The owners just sold. New owner will take over in Sept. No guarantees. I was there a couple of weeks ago. Food was worth the $, woodsy scene and Sunday's musician. Sit outside and stay away from the tamales.

          I would definitely go to Malibu Seafood. Foods' good, next to the beach and full of funk. Just watch WHERE you park so you don't get ticketed.

          Not a food place but, make sure you also go to Bodhi Tree Bookstore
          Urth Cafe is right next to Bodhi Tree. Go for a great coffee, or a sammy then for a soulful of great books.

          1. re: Kitchen Queen

            Or go accross the street from Bodhi to Elixir and sip the tea of your choice in the zen garden!

            1. re: Diana

              i recently read that Elixir's Melrose retail store is closed (and has been for about 2 months now):

              very sad, indeed.

        2. I suggest some of the cafes in the Venice Beach area.

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          1. re: katkoupai

            Ya, I wonder if there is a cafe in Venice Beach with Poetry or literature readings? That would help with the feeling. Maybe some tea?

            Somehow I just want to say to the OP that nothing has changed – its all inside your head. More specifically, just stop in at Whole Foods in El Segundo and fill a bag with some bean sprouts and other fresh natural stuff (not more than you can carry) then start thumb’n rides North with stops at Venice Beach and onward to Topanga Canyon. If you really want to do it right you got to keep going all the way to San Francisco (with flowers in your hair). I did it in 1969 except I was the one with the car and picked-up four on PCH at Topanga. The sign one of them held caught my eye, “San Francisco.” All I can remember now is that it was a really big bag of sprouts and somehow that was all we all ate for the next 24 hours. Nice weekend. Peace & Love.

            Whole Foods

            1. re: JeetJet

              This is so funny. At first I thought you were joking. Bean sprouts or alfalfa sprouts? :)

              1. re: katkoupai

                These people had a big bag of bean sprouts that one of them grew and they were raw. There were some different kinds of beans all in a big bag. Maybe Whole foods would only have alfafa but thats a good start.

          2. Places in Venice might fit the bill like 26 Beach or Firehouse or Figtree's Cafe.

            The Back Door Cafe and Bakery in Silver Lake.

            Healthy or veggie fare like Madeleine Bistro, Newsroom Cafe, Urth Caffe, Native Foods, Leaf Cuisine, Green Temple, The Spot, or for a really nice dinner, Inn of the Seventh Ray.

            I'd also consider going ethnic... Rahel or Meals by Genet for Ethiopian, Sanamluang or Jitlada Thai, Mouns of Tunis, Soot Bull Jeep, if he's an adventurous hippie :-)

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            1. re: Emme

              if you're going ethnic, you need to add samosa house to your list.
              they, too, carry, many items that could appeal to a hippie.

              1. re: Emme

                I hope you're not suggesting "The Green Temple" in Redondo Beach; that place is awful!

              2. How about the Elf Cafe on Sunset in Echo Park?

                1. Pace in Laurel Canyon might work.

                  2100 Laurel Canyon Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90046