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Jul 14, 2007 10:09 AM

"Chinese" Food

I am from the northeast originally, and love living in San Diego. Lately, I hve been craving the so-called Chinese food that I grew up with in New England: greasy pork fried rice (no peas or carrots), boneless spareribs, beek teriyaki, chicken fingers, followed by those tropical drinks: headhunter, scorpion bowls, suffering bastards . . . Does anyone know a place like this in the San Diego (north county) area. There must be another New England transplant here . . .

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Big chowhound tip...always say where in your subject line.

      1. re: clayfu

        I thought it was a typo for "beak"...maybe from those fingered chickens!

      2. Not north county, but China Inn in Pacific Beach is exactly that kind of place.

        1. China Inn. Thanks. I will give it a shot. Yeah, I know teriyaki is Japanese; this is just some of the fod that we grew up calling "Chinese Food". I guess they are more like appetizers, and probably closer to Polynesian. In fact, mst of the places were called "Chinese Food and Polynesian Lounge". By the way, chicken fingers are just tempra battered chicken. Thanks again.

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          1. re: johnoside

            If you're looking for something "Polynesian" (I assume something like a Trader Vic's), there's Bali Hai on Shelter Island and Mr. Tiki Mai Tai Lounge in the gaslamp. Bali Hai is touristy and has been around for over thirty years. Mr. Tiki is relatively new and part of the Cohn restaurant group (so your low expectations on food may be met...). I wouldn't recommend either unless someone was specifically asking for something kitschy like a Trader Vic's.

            1. re: mikec

              Mr. Tiki was pretty good when they first opened. They've since gone downhill.

            2. re: johnoside

              China Inn has very good crispy beef.