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Jul 14, 2007 09:40 AM


hello hounds,
we would like to give as a wedding gift a certificate to a hip, fun restaurant in brooklyn. nothing too stuffy, great food and wine is all we ask. we would like to spend in the 150 range.

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  1. You'll probably want to narrow it down to neighborhood, or at least subway line. For instance, I live in park slope, and rarely get over to Wburg. Where is the couple going to be living? And by fun, hip -- are you looking for a trendy, fabulous place? How old is the couple? Most of the restaurants along the F line are great (those nhoods being Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill, Park Slope, Boerum Hill), but I wouldn't classify them as "hip, fun" . . .

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      they are in their young 30's, very casual, willaimsburg, greenpoint, fort greene, clinton hill area.

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        What I would do if I were you is do a search on here in each of those neighborhoods. I think you'll have better luck than asking the question this way. I would probably stick to Fort Greene, as there seems to be a plethora of restaurants over there (and was over there last night for dinner, in fact), any of which I should think they'd be happy to have a gift certificate for.

        The other thing you could do is give them an Amex gift card, to be used at the restaurant of their choice. That way, they can pick the place, though it's certainly a little less personal.

        1. re: mag

          For that money, I really think the best value is Henry's End in Bklyn Hts. or al di la in Park Slope. Not that far to travel for much better food than most others. Dressler would be my choice if they really dont want to venture out of Williamsburg, etc...

      2. Tempo is fabulsous in Park Slope, but perhaps too far afield.
        Dumont in Williamsberg is lovely, but perhaps no high end enough. Though definitely not too stuffy and the food was great.
        in manhattan, close to the williamsberg train lines, you have all of Union Square, which has wonderful restruants, including union square cafe, blue fin, etc.
        though i have heard some good things about fort green, none has been about a particularly good restaurant or restaurants in that neighborhood.

        1. I got a gift cerftificate to Grocery on Smith Street last year, and really enjoyed my meal and night. I always have terrific food at Marlow and Sons in W'burg, but that is probably a bit too casual. Same with al di la, great food, but not a particularly relaxed experience.

          1. I don't think of any of the options in P Slope as "hip, fun" places -- which is, of course, not to say they aren't fabulous! -- but I also like Dumont in W'burg, if that's where they live. The crowds tend to be hipper over there, and also in Fort Greene, I think.

            Again, if you search the boards by neighborhood, you'll come up with lots of options along the same lines as the ones suggested here (Tempo, Al di La), any of which would make the new couple happy.

            1. Hip/fun. I'd say Blue Ribbon in Park Slope. They could get out easily with $150 for two (or they could spend a lot more, it's that kind of place). Less hip but closer is iCi in Fort Greene. I really like the food there. Least hip, but romantic, the intimate (11 tables) Garden Café in Prospect Heights, the prix fixe during the week will get you out with $150.