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Jul 14, 2007 09:12 AM

Vienna Beef (or similar) @ retail in Cincinnati?


I've been scouring the boards looking for an answer to my question and am having no luck, so I'll throw this out there. I know the boardmaster may want to move this board to "Home Cooking" but I do need very specific advice for the Cincinnati area.

I am having a big party next weekend and I want to serve Chicago dogs, one of those foods that must be tried to be believed. I've looked all over, and so far as I can tell no one sells Vienna Beef at retail (and their website confirmed this). I could choose to drop $50 after shipping to get a Chicago dog kit shipped to me, but what I most need is that all-beef, snap-when-you-eat-it dog that is the center of the experience, and I'm hoping I can find it without laying out that kind of cash!

So here's the question: what's the closest I can do buying them here in Cincinnati? Assuming VB isn't available, what do local stores here carry that will come closest? I can search "all-beef natural casing" at the store and see what they have, but I'd drive a little bit to get the good stuff!

Thanks in advance for your help!

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  1. there are so many good butcher shops in cincy - the germans are really into sausage and hot dogs so you can try there. but does jungle jim's really not have any? they have to have something...

    1. Try Jungle Jim's for Vienna Beef dogs before you try anything else. If they don't have them, I'd be very surprised. If they don't, how about Nathan's brand? I think I remember them having the natural casing, and I'm pretty sure you can get them at Kroger.

      1. I can't remember the name but the german hot dog place in the crestview hills towne center had awsome dogs and sold them in bulk.