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Jul 14, 2007 08:44 AM

Rumjungle @ Mandalay Bay

Hey guys! I will be taking a trip down to Vegas in 2 weeks, and my friend and I are planning to have a dinner date at Rumjungle at the Mandalay Bay Hotel. I am thinking of eating dinner there and then going straight to their nightclub (I was just watching Food Network and Rachel Ray said that dinner-goers can avoid the cover charge)...but we aren't quite 21 yet. 2 more months to go but Rumjungle is a 21 and over club=/ May I ask whoever with experience at Rumjungle about this? Do you think we will get carded again if we're already in the bar for dinner? THANK YOU SO MUCH =]

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  1. I was there in April. First, there isn't a separate restaurant/nightclub for rumjungle - the restaurant just turns into the nightclub. I went in at 9pm, just as the kitchen closed. But, the bartender was nice enough to ask them to whip up some of their calamari for me. Yum! I sat at the bar for several hours and didn't get asked for id or cover. Actually, I didn't see anyone who was still in the restaurant get carded. I would say go and take your chances! Maybe play it safe and don't order any drinks until the club takes over. Just be sure you dress nice - no shorts.

    1. Rumjungle is a fun restaurant in Mandalay Bay, known for its selection of 225 rums in the world’s largest rum bar.

      It serves open fire cooked met in the Brazilian style where they bring unlimited quantities of various varieties right to the table. I happen to like this style a lot, but this particular restaurant was no better than others of a similar vein.

      As for the food, here in Las Vegas I prefer Samba Gill in The Mirage, or Yolie’s which is just off the strip on Paradise. But the ambiance at Rumjungle is best.

      Things change at 11 p.m. though. Rumjungle turns in to a very fun night club, featuring Salsa music and dancing. They even have professionals to help teach for those who are interested.

      Barry Shulman

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