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Jul 14, 2007 08:31 AM

Best brats in the area ?

The hot dog thread has gotten me craving Brats. I've been looking for great ones to bring home and grill but have yet to be amazed by central market and whole foods over the standard mass market fare - Johnsonvilles. I'd drive an hour one weekend to get a great version - any recs?

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  1. Have you explored options in Fredericksburg or New Braunsfels? They are both within an hour and I would hope the German influence in each town would produce a tatsy product. I must admit, I have never had a Brat so I have no specific suggestions.

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    1. re: Honey Bee

      I guess Bratwurst aren't very popular here.

      1. re: professor_ted

        I think it's more an issue of availability. I would suggest that you forego the home prep and simply head out to Walburg for a weekend dinner. Maybe the German music and beer won't make up for the opportunity for personal satisfaction, but it'll certainly mitigate it.

    2. Get some Myers Elgin sausage from HEB. At home they cook up more sausage like than they do on the pit. My friend from Williams Bay Wisconsin likes them better and he's been eating everything in sight up there since 1955 or so.