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Jul 14, 2007 07:59 AM

Bridal shower in NYC

Aprox 50 people, $20 pp, private room preferred. I would really appreciate any help/suggestions??

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  1. You'll need to indicate a neighborhood ... type of restaurant you prefer, etc.

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    1. re: bbc37

      italian, new american, greek... UWS, UES, Midtown east/west, union square, gramercy

      1. re: ld83077

        I like Barbounia on Park Ave. S., the food is delicious but they don't have a private room ... on the downside, I had my birthday party there and (after too many of those ouzo cocktails, which are incredibly good, btw) left my two bags of presents and wine. We didn't realize until the restaurant had closed, and left a message. They called back and were very helpful in looking for it but even asking the busboy and our waiter (we were at the communal table in the bar) that NO ONE had seen the bags. One of them was from Marc Jacobs so I guess a customer could have taken them but it seems an unlikely "disappearance."

        Anyway, you did not mention French, but these places seem "bridal showery" to me: Artisanal, Les Halles, and L'Express. All in the same general area. If you are willing to venture into the E. Vil, Gnocco is excellent.

    2. Perhaps this thread can help:
      If you have specific questions, after doing some research, I'm sure you'll get answers.