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Jul 14, 2007 06:46 AM

Where to take out of towners for steak?

Need recs for steakhouses. thanks.

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  1. Here's a very recent thread:
    There are several very good threads on this subject if you do a search.

    1. We love the porterhouse steaks and everything else at The Knickerbocker on University & 9th, and everyone we've taken there has been happy. You're not limited to the typical steakhouse menu. The steak for 2 easily feeds 3. Portions are large. Atmosphere is lovely.

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        I love the Knickerbocker - great service, good steak and other food too (had an outstanding salmon tartare when I went) - love the booths. Not really talked about on this board though...Keen's is great for old NY ambience too. Enjoy!

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        1. Try Gallagher's. It is very old and looks just like an old steakhouse. At the entrance is a large glass walled aging room full of huge cuts of beef that are being dry aged. The waiters are old school, a bit gruff and the food is great. No surprises, no culinary pyrotechnics, just straight ahead good steakhouse fare.