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Jul 14, 2007 06:45 AM

Gloucester Suggestions

Going to Gloucester for the day,any suggestions for lunch and dinner.

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  1. Alchemy would work for either. Check out this thread.

    1. We love Passports for a tasty and civilized, but unpretentious meal on Main Street. For great seafood and pasta on the cheap, it's Causeway on Western Avenue across from Yankee Fleet.

      1. Not a sit-down place (at least not when I lived there) but get a St. Joseph's Sandwich for lunch from Virgilio's Bakery on Main St. I haven't had one in years & I still crave them!

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        1. re: saridt

          For lunch:
          Passports on Main St
          Sugar Magnolias on Main St
          Halibut Point on Main St
          Charlie's on Bass Ave
          Lobsta Land on Rt 128

          For dinner:
          Franklin on Main St (Great food)
          The Rudder (OK food, great atmosphere on the water)
          Duckworth's Bistro on East Main St (Great food)

          *Ditto on Virgilio's