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Jul 14, 2007 06:42 AM

perbacco cafe /unpleasant wine experience

We love this place and go once a month or so--great, inventive homemade pastas, wonderful small dishes, changing seasonal menu. Last night they were out of the relatively cheap wine we usually order, so the sommelier suggested another one and offered to let our party of 4 taste it. It was MUCH fruitier then our usual choice--but he became extremely aggresive when I said this and insisted that I was wrong. I could see things becoming unpleasant (and ruining our evening) so I backed down and accepted the wine. It was 20 bucks MORE then our usual bottle. I feel like a total idiot this morning.

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  1. My boyfriend and i do not love the sommelier there either (if he's the one that's been there for the last two-three years or so) and it's affected our decision to return there (although we love the place generally) Various little things - his schtick ("hey, I'm the wine guy") and his smugness. The last time, when he took our wine bottle and shoved it in his nose to get a whiff. It was odd - I'd never in my life had anyone do that to a wine bottle (ours after he opened it). I was definitely put off.

    1. While you are talking about Perbacco, we have been here before and enjoy it. We went yesterday and had a terrible experience, all due to the waiter we had. He couldn't be bothered with us or anyone else that was in there. When we asked him questions, he mumbled his answer and clearly didn't want to even respond. He stood outside the entire time we were there and we almost had to get up to get his attention. His negative attitude never wavered - and quite frankly we left after one drink and one appetizer, and went elsewhere. There are too many good places in the EV to have our good time spoiled by bad treatment.