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Jul 14, 2007 05:43 AM

Charlotte, NC comfort food

Hi all,

You guys have always been a big help when I travel. This time I'm heading for Charlotte, NC for business meetings. First time I've ever spent any time here. Looking for some good comfort/southern cooking while here. Will be dining alone on a Sunday, before the rest of my group gets here, so I'm looking for a place, not too expensive, but with a "down home" sensibility.

For the other couple of nights I'm here, would like some recommendations for other, a little more upscale, dining experiences. I'm basically a "meat and potatoes" type of guy, but am looking to satisfy a range of tastes.



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  1. I know i've mentioned mimosa grill to others, but It is nice, a bit upscale during the week, not sure about sunday. Mertz is in uptown charlotte, would be a great option for comfort food.

    1. Hi David! When I go to Charlotte, I *HAVE* to go to Gus' Sir Beef for my comfort food fix. I am salivating just thinking about their fried squash and farm-fresh collards right now!

      I think there might be two locations the one I am thinking about is at: 4101 Monroe Rd
      Charlotte Phone: (704) 377-3210. Take care and travel safely!

      1. I enthusiastically second Mert's Heart and Soul ( It's located downtown, which is nice. The owners are friends of a friend. They are great folks. The food is really good.

        Another place to consider for down home sensibility/slightly hipster is on Monroe Rd: Lupie's Cafe. They have really good mac & cheese. I'm told the pintos are good too...personally, I don't go for that. When I lived in Charlotte, I ate supper there every night. Their sweet tea is good too.

        A pretty decent place for a little bit more upscale, but not too pretentious experience is 300 East, which is located eponymously at 300 East Blvd. It's in a decent section of Charlotte, pretty close to downtown. If you go during the day, then you should check out a great bookstore/gift shop down the block too: Paper Skyscraper.

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          Gus' Sir Beef on Monroe Rd. That fried squash is outstanding. Get their early or the line to get in in will be around the building.

          1. re: Stack8

            I've never had fried squash before. I looked up recipes on Google and there seems to be 2 methods of cooking it, mashed and then fried and sliced and fired. Which way do they prepare it at Gus'?

            1. re: dwharff

              Yellow summer squash sliced into about 1/4" rounds and then deep fried. I bread it it in corn meal and fry in peanut or canola oil.

              1. re: Stack8

                I love fried squash pan fried - the breading complements the squash instead of overpowing it.

                What is the Greek restaurant on Central Ave that stays open almost 24 hours? That's a great comfort food place.

                1. re: steveindurham2

                  steveindurham, I'll pan fry mine once in a while too. Your right, the breading does turn out nice and light. That Greek place your thinking about may be San Remo. I used to go every morning.

        2. For comfort food:
          Mert's is good (downtown),
          Coffee Cup (near downtown) is a Charlotte institution, that sadly, may no longer be around for much longer,
          Gus' is a great suggestion
          The Diamond near Central & Pecan is a locals' favorite
          Since these are all locally-owned, small establishments, call ahead to find out their hours. Some of them may not be open on Sundays or Mondays.

          For the other nights:
          Carpe Diem on Elizabeth Ave. is ALWAYS wonderful (near downtown)
          Mimosa Grill
          - all downtown
          M5 is new in the SouthPark area - Meditteranean
          downtown or near downtown steakhouses: Ruth's Chris, Sullivan's, McIntosh's & Capital Grill.

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          1. re: pinogirl14

            Good news pinogirl--The Coffee Cup was named a historic landmark and should be around a while.