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Jul 14, 2007 05:39 AM

Tennessee Pride Sausage

Anyone familiare with Tennessee Pride Sausage?

Jerry Saywell

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  1. "For real country flavor, the best you ever tried,
    Look for me on the label of Tennessee Pride!
    Take HOME a PACKage of Tennessee Pride!"

    Lord, I haven't thought of that in 30 years. It was your standard bulk pork sausage, perfectly satisfactory as I recall.

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    1. re: zorra

      I really don't see much of a difference in the taste of sausage between the major brands but I do know some have a lot more grease than others. I think Jimmy Dean is the leanest (I also like their sage pork sausage) and that's what I use when I make sausage balls. I've used Tennessee Pride for sausage balls and they were swimming in grease! Usually I just get whatever's on sale and name brand.

      1. re: la_ebbie

        The two packages I've bought cooked out with way too much grease.
        Now I know to ask my local butcher to grind up some pork, light on the fat. I'll add a bit of ground red pepper and sage, and it's a better sausage.

    2. Bass Farms Sausage has to be some of the best there is. Local company in central NC.
      If you're in a store that sells it, pick up some of both the mild and hot. You won't regret it.

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      1. re: goodeatsinadive

        Yes Jimmy Dean,George Jones,and products like these are lean and work well cooked into other ingredients.

        They are usually too lean and mild to make sausage gravy.

        Tenn Pride,Pernell's Old Folks,Weber's -from Ky,would be considered a more typical Southern sausage with appropriate fat level and flavor.

        Just my $.02


        1. re: TomFl

          agree with tom.

          surprisingly, the wallmart brand sausage is quite good. it's in between in the fat department, but has more flavor than jimmy bland.. oops i mean jimmy dean.

          1. re: TomFl

            I like Pernell's Old Folks bugt have purchsed Tennessee Pride in the past too. What i really like is Pernell's Old Folks chorizo in a chub package. I try to keep that on hand all of the time.

            1. re: Candy

              Don't think i have tried Tennessee Pride. The chorizo I like best is Chorizo San Manuel,made down in the Rio Grande valley area.Very good and not all the lymph nodes and other stuff you find in some of the cheaper brands.
              Have never seen Pernell's Old Folks chorizo around here. I haven't tried any chorizo from Culebra's Meat Market on Nacodoches Road yet,but may get some and their tamales or barbacoa.

        2. I'm quite familiar with it. It tastes just fine. A little fattier than Jimmy Dean. Not as bad as some of the other stuff my FIL has had around the house.

          I usually use it for biscuits and gravy or sausage and cornbread stuffing. It's got more fat in it that JD (Which is my patty choice) so it is better in those applications.


          1. I had breakfast at the Springhill Suites in Ewing NJ and had the best breakfast sausage I can remember. I asked what brand they were and was told Tennessee Pride which I had never heard of. I checked online and it said they were sold at Walmart and Wegmans but neither of those in my area (suburb of Philly) had the sausages. But a friend in Pittsburgh who I told about them found some at his Walmart and he loved them

            1. I liked it and used it for our standard breakfast sausage when we lived in Nashville. When I wanted to get serious I'd get some of the smoked stuff in the canvas sacks, but that was a little stout for Mrs. O's taste. Here in SoCal Farmer John's is as fatty as TP but hasn't got the flavor; same goes for the Kroger brand, so it's Jimmy Dean for me. If I want that smoked country stuff I just order some from Broadbent.

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