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Jul 14, 2007 03:32 AM

Las Vegas Local Good Eateries

Ok, we've seen all of the big bucks places like Emeriles, Wolfgang Puck, and some of the other high end places in LV touted (with a sprinkling of LOS and the such thrown in now and then). Most of these are by visitors to LV and they are all good. However, I am not interested in the 100 buck burgers. We are going to be in LV for a few months and would like some of the 'where the locals' eat on a regular basis. Ethnic would be great. Chinese, Indian, Thai, Italian, French, Cajun, ... others too. Can some of the locals give some guidance here. I found Changs on Decauter for dim sum very good today.

Cheap eats are valued also. Where are some of the better midnight to 6am cheap breakfasts? Thanks.

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  1. The Original Pancake House, at 4833 W Charleston Blvd is off the strip nd fills up every day with locals. Why? Cause its soooo good.

    1. Lotus of Siam on Sahara.

      1. Check the link below. It includes both editors's and locals' picks

        Of course, you'll find national chains among the locals' recommendations, but not the editor's. You'll be hard pressed to find anything on or even near the strip.

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          That list doesn't seem too reliable. It lists many national chains as their favourite (Red Lobster, Best Seafood) and doesn't list Lotus of Siam in their Thai restaurants list.

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            I know I know. But the OP asked for locals' advice, which is what it is, and I noted that in my post that many of the readers picked national chains (the editor's didn't). I think the editor's picks are a fair representation of local advice.

            Any readers' poll in any magazine anywhere will yield a lot of national chains as readers favorites (McDonalds as the best burgers, etc). That is because they are not set up in a scientific way, so the place with the most locations has the best chance of being picked a "favorite."

        2. Read just about anything about Las Vegas and you'll see stuff about Lotus of Siam. It's absolutely amazing Thai. For fine dining well off the strip consider Rosemary's; it has a $50 prix fixe that's a great deal (last time I was there, it was $25 for women on Wednesday's).

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            Some places we hit up for breakfast:
            -Coffee Pub on Sahara west of LV Blvd. (only open for breakfast and lunch)
            -Hash House a Go Go west of LV Blvd.

            -Joyful House on Spring Mountain

            Japanese (sushi):
            -Sen of Japan on Durango and Desert Inn (sushi chef studied under Nobu)
            -En in Henderson off of Reunion Drive, not quite sure exact address, but is across from Vons (this place is my new favorite, with great robata and sushi)
            -Sushiwa on Eastern in Henderson

            Great Sandwiches:
            -Capriotti's located everywhere it seems! (try the Capistrami, the Bobbie and the Slaw-Be-Jo)

            Kickin' Beer:
            -Freakin' Frog on Maryland Parkway (they project movies on the wall of the bar!)

            Great Himalayan/Nepalese:
            -Himalayan Nepalese on Flamingo east of LV Blvd. (Not sure of the name, but the sign just says "Himalayan Nepalese")

            Hot Dogs:
            -Sammy's Dog House a "hut-like" shack on Decatur and Flamingo (order the garlic parmesan fries, pastrami sandwiches and lemonades)

            Just a few of the places I topic!

          2. Rincon de Buenos Aires, Table 34, Viva Mercados. These are three of my favorites. Joyfull House is an excellent choice for Chinese. The diner at the White Cross Drugstore is suppose to be good. Triple George in downtown is another good choice. There is Nora's on Flamingo and Jones for Italian. There are many more that I know of but cannot recall right at this moment.

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              The other place I forgot to mention is Wildfire Casino. This is a small machine only casino across from Texas Station on Rancho Drive south of Lake Mead Blvd. They do have cheap breakfasts in addition to som great food at cheap prices. Everytime my roommate and I go there, we usually have to wait 10 - 15 minutes for a table. There is nothing over $14.99 on the menu (this is for a beer or soft drink, soup or salad, whole rack of baby back ribs with sides and cake or pie). They also have some great deli sandwhiches that are 1 pound each and come with fries, potato salad or cole slaw and range in price from $5.99 to 7.99. My favorite is the pastrami for $6.99. The $10.99 one pound t-bone dinner is great. People always have boxes to take home.