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Jul 14, 2007 12:42 AM

San Diego-Little Italy

Hi all,
I need some recommendations for places to chow in little Italy.
One or two low cost local eateries (around $10, takeout etc.)
and a medium priced place (less than $30 a person for food only.)

General downtown SD is welcome as well, but I would definetly like to hit up Little Italy for a night and a lunch or two.

I just found this thread that looks like it has some nice ideas-someone in a very similar situation to my own.

thanks to Alice Q for her excellent blog as well.

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  1. I like Blue Crab for inexpensive fresh fish (at the N end of Little Italy, bordering on Old Town). I went with a friend last week and we spilt a salad with 2 big pieces of grilled wild salmon and had 2 fish tacos with Sea Bass. The tacos had a great cabbage mix, the salad greens were also fresh and wonderful, the fish was very fresh and succulent, and all for $25!

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      Where? I think you might be confused...Little Italy does not border Old Town. But on India there is a great restaurant/fish market called Blue Water Grill. Was that the place?

    2. You are welcome! Any particular kind of pickles? :-)

      The cannolis at Cafe Zucchero are fantastic, and Pappalecco has very good gelato. Pete's Quality Meats is good for a sandwich, and Buon Appetito is good for dinner. A few people have also recommended Sogno di Vino, and Anthology is very close to Little Italy - though might push your dinner budget. Enjoy!

      1. We had a very nice, very reasonable dinner at Buon Appetito two weeks ago. Shared calamari, a shared shrimp dish (plenty of food, all of it very good) and two glasses of wine was less than $60, tax and tip included.

        1. Pete's Meats for great sandwiches. Solunto Bakery for breakfast and/or lunch...and a sweet.