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Jul 13, 2007 11:56 PM

Spumoni?? (Other than Dreyer's....)

My husband loves spumoni ice cream. It is his comfort food, what can I say.

We'd both had a rough week, so tonight when I saw that Dreyer's had a new spumoni flavor I bought it as a treat for him. It was a much so that he thanked me for the thought but asked me not to buy it again. (As a side note: that is the second new Dreyer's flavor I've tried recently I've been disappointed in..the other being a cherry chocolate chip. I should have stuck to Cherry Garcia. And I'm an Oakland girl who grew up on Dreyers....).

Anyway, the only decent spumoni we've been able to find here in the hinterlands is at a neighborhood Italian place that otherwise is ok but nothing special....and we certainly can't go out there every time he craves spumoni, because that would be almost does anyone have any idea of a good commercially available spumoni ice cream on the west coast? And if so, where can it be found....Do any of the ice cream chains (Baskin-Robbins, Swenson's, etc) have it??

I suppose I might have to visit that restaurant and see if they can tell me their supplier....

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  1. I haven't found a good commercially available spumoni either though I do love it. I sometimes get a takeout quart from my local Italian place that serves it.

    1. I think the truth is you have to make your own spumoni. The good part of that is that you get to decide what YOUR spumoni will be. The usual mix is not engraved in stone.

      1. I almost posted a request for spumoni ice cream the other day, thinking about Bancheros in Hayward and wanting some. You're right there really isn't a commercially produced product. Sooooo I was going to just make my own.
        I'm still looking at recipes, and I think it can be done....and of course I want it to be fairly close to theirs, simple.

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          I think I'll just start another thread.

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            This doesn't help right now, but around Christmas Safeway sometimes has spumoni ... well, any big supermarket or drug store. For those of us into spumoni, the phony low-brow version can be ok.

            Mainly for chef ckicklet, you don't like Bud's spumoni? I'm not sure how widely distributed it is. For years, this was my go-to commercial spumoni of choice. I like Mariani's too and it seems they are expanding through Molly Stone markets. You can request that the manager order some. I get my spumoni needs met lately by Latest Scoop.

            Janet, on your ride to SF, you might try Liled's Ice Cream in Vallejo. It is not that far off 80 with the bonus that your hubby can get a spumoni at Liled's and you can drive around the corner and get a paleta ... word ... coconut paleta dipped in chocolate.


            Note: Lileds is having ownership changes so can't verify the status currently.

            Oh, oh ... if Liled's tanks, another great & shorter trip on your drive down ... Silberman's in San Rafael. IIRC, they carry it year-round ... ok ... a SLIGHT detour ... cough.

            1. re: rworange

              hey, thanks for the tips!!! I will definitely try Liled's next time through. The paleta place doesn't have mango dipped in chocolate by any chance??? :-)

              Last time we were at Mitchell's hubby enjoyed a spumoni cone. It seemed almost heresy not to get one of the tropical flavors......

              1. re: janetofreno

                Sorry, meant coconut paleta dipped in chocolate. Any paleta can be dipped.

                There's also Gunther's Ice Cream on the drive down. It is a Baskin-Robbins type of joint based in Sacramento. Don't know that location, but at the Appian Way exit and Mall, it's near K Mart. I wasn't wowed by them so didn't mention them.

                Oh, and another spumoni pit stop on the ride down would be Loard's in the Vacaville area ... 45 flavors

                However, given that ... a spumoni hit is more likely to happen during the holidays.

                Swell ... not only did I learn through posting on Chowhound that I eat too many baked goods ... now it hits me that I'm eating way too much ice cream.

                1. re: janetofreno

                  I stopped by Lilled's today and while they have spumoni it is probably not what most spumoni-lovers want. It is white ice cream with cherries and pistachios mixed in. I didn't ask for a sample because I just had three and wasn't too impressed with any of the flavors I selected. So I bought some cheese popcorn not to be cheap. They make great cheese and caramel corn.

            2. This place says next day delivery within continental U.S.

              I haven't tried it but the picture looks good. Maybe someone else has more info?


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              1. re: hannaone

                Yes, it looks amazing, as it should: $200 for eight pints! Wow!

                1. re: lvecch

                  LoL, I didn't go far enough in to see the price.

              2. I also love Spumoni and one of my favorites here in CA is at Spaghetti Factory. But you can make a "semi-homeade version" at home. In a big ziploc plastic container layer...

                Ben & Jerry's Pistachio
                Haagen Daaz Chocolate
                and if you have Rite Aid/Thrifty's near you...

                Thrifty's Black Cherry Ice Cream

                otherwise another black cherry or cherry vanilla will have to do.

                IT'S SO GOOD!

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                1. re: Oh Robin

                  lol....couldn't you just layer them all in a bowl?

                  That's the problem with spumoni, many different definitions. My DH likes those heavy on the pistachio....I've never tried BandJ's pistachio...may have to do that. I wonder how it would go with Cherry Garcia??

                  BTW, DH also likes the spumoni at Spaghetti Factory. That and the fact that its a cheap place to feed a crowd still motivates him to try and talk us into stopping there when we are on a family trip and hungry somewhere around Sacramento.......

                  1. re: janetofreno

                    Buca's version adds a layer of vanilla.