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Jul 13, 2007 11:28 PM

Vege Ham at Mr. Baguette.

About a year ago I bought this sandwich for a co-worker who is a vegetarian. He took two bites and then told me he thought that I made a mistake and bought meat. He thanked me but did not finish that sandwich because he was “sure it was ham.” I admit that I do not really eat vegetarian foods often but tonight I thought I would try the “Vege Ham” sandwich at Mr. Baguette and I was likewise in disbelief that I was not eating meat. I was told by the very nice counter person that this sandwich contains no meat. Smell, taste, texture and color – this stuff is like ham. I even opened it at one point and pulled a slice apart. It looked like meat fibers along the point of separation. Also, the crusty baguette is so good with a little tug and chew but it is the perfect crust that makes this a great sandwich bread. They pit some kind of tasty spread on the bread and very fresh lettuce and tomato – $4,25. I looked up their web page (see below) when I got home and sure enough the menu section states that a combination of vegetables “work together to give you a taste of ham.” My question is, has any vegetarians tried this sandwich and agree that it is good, or is this the norm / average for vegetarian foods?

Mr. Baguette

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  1. I'm not vegetarian, but I've had my fair share of fake meats. I tried the one from Mr Baguette on Atlantic and wasn't that impressed. It tasted like all the other fake meats, except it was sliced maybe a little thinner to make it seem more ham-like. It's a decent sandwich, but whenever I try the 'meat' by itself, the texture isn't quite right.

    1. Jeetjet: I usually can't eat fake meat but that is the best I've ever had and that's one healthy and delicious sandwich. Thanks for reminding me about it with your post! Have you tried it vietnamese style (pickled vegetables, fresh cilantro and jalapeno instead of lettuce/tomato)?

      1. This is the norm as far as Chinese fake meats are concerned.

        If you go to Chinese vegetarian places like Happy Family Restaurant (just up the street on Valley from Mr. Baguette), they serve the same type of faux-ham. Also, many Buddhist temples use these types of meat when serving their luncheons.

        The magic of food processors and food coloring, I guess.

        Sold widely at Chinese supermarkets like 99 Ranch, 168, Hong Kong, Shun Fat, etc.

        Some people like it, others find it to be like cardboard (not the stuff used in steamed boas from China ... LOL).