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Jul 13, 2007 10:12 PM

Where to Take The Parents???

I have been cooking professionally for about two years now (in fine dinning) in and around Boston. In august I will be leaving for the Culinary Institute of America and am trying to find an appropriately high-end place to take my parents for dinner before I leave (as they will be paying for the next 4 years of culinary education). I have looked into a couple places around the city but am completely undecided. My top choices currently would be The Harvest, Tremont 647, Union Bar and Grill, Clio, or OM. If you have any suggestions I have not listed please share them. I am just out of high school so I need a place that not only offers exceptional/interesting food but wont wipe out my life savings at the same time. Thank you

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  1. Of the places you've listed Clio is by far the most inventive but it is quite expensive. I have found the food there to be exceptional in my past visits . Union Bar and Grill has a lovely dining room and very good food, though the menu isn't too out of the ordinary.

    1. Clio would get the call from that list.

      If $ is a concern, what about a nice lunch at someplace like #9 Park or Boston Public..Lunch offers similar menus as at dinner but at a lower price.

      1. I definitely agree that clio would be a great place>>> try a first course or two down at uni as well.
        i do want to throw one other out there for a truely unique experience.... oleana.
        you will definitely not spend as much money at oleana while still impressing everyone (if they are open to an arabic slanted mediteranean menu)

        1. I know this place gets mixed reviews, but I had an absolutely wonderful meal, with a menu straight out of an eclectic chef!

          Il Capriccio, Waltham

          Exceptional meal, great chef.

          And with all the tourists in Boston Proper, I had to put it out there ;).

          Good luck at the CIA!

          1. Harvest is a good choice. Not as outrageously expensive as Clio, better portions. Nice atmosphere and a really nice patio in the summer. A Harvard Square classic.