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Who's got native corn, NOW???

I got my latest Verrill Farm (Concord) newsletter last night. As of this morning, they're selling their first sweet yellow corn of the year at 55 cents per ear. Who else has native corn ?

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  1. Stillman's had their first batch last Monday at the Govt Ctr Mkt.

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      and, MacArthur Farm also had some at Copley on Friday. These are early varieties and while they do give us our first taste and are very good, they are not the luscious August corn that you want to eat every night.

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        'Tis true, she ain't the girl I wanna marry, Silver Queen or her cousin Brandywine tomato, for that matter, but she'll do for now :-))

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          Oops, again. I sure wish we could edit for "link to a place".

          Verrill Farm
          11 Wheeler Rd, Concord, MA, MA 01742

    2. Didn't catch the farm name, but they were selling corn at $.50 per ear at the Davis Square farmer's market this past Windsday.

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        Maybe Kimball? They had some in Harvard Square on Friday.

      2. Wilson Farms says 7/21 ...



        Wilson Farm
        10 Pleasant St, Lexington, MA 02421

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          Just went to Wilson Farms today. I did buy three ears, hope they are good. The asparagus, tomatoes and cantelope are awesome. also got some California peaches. Hope they are good. So hard to find good peaches in this area.

        2. Anyone know if Curcubit farm has corn yet?

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            Not yet - their sign yesterday mentioned raspberries and tomatoes, though! I believe they're saying July 23rd for corn.

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              I stopped there yesterday and they will definitely have corn by Monday the 23rd but possibly this weekend!

          2. Well I blew it by 24 hours Was at Verrill yesterday (see post) They had corn ( no sign that said "ours") at 55 cents an ear and they were refilling the bins with ears that were in green netting closed on all 4 sides so I assume shipped . Anyhow the ears were rather short but we grilled them on wood last night and they were mighty tasty ....and usually on the ride in when the corn is plentiful I see corn stalks in their field as tall as I am and yesterday they were paltry ...maybe a back field huh?

            1. Harp00n -

              Harper's Farm on Route 117 in Lancaster and his new digs up on Route 70, Oakridge Farmstand http://oakridgefarmstand.com/ has their own corn for sale. The signs went up this past Friday.
              Indian Head in Berlin should also - they offer their standard butter n' sugar along with several interesting varieties.
              Both places also offer many kinds of heirloom tomatoes -- but not yet!

              I think local produce is a little late this year. :-(

              I could make a meal on native tomatoes and corn on the cob!

              1. Allandale Farm in JP/Brookline is selling fresh-picked corn.

                1. Arena on Rte. 2 (Concord?) has it on their sign.

                  1. Sunday we had our first native corn. Got it at the farm stand on Otis St in Westboro,I forget the name, I think it's Berberian farm.

                    1. Probably a lot of places - I even saw Massachusetts-grown corn at Whole Foods this past weekend (50 or 55 cents per ear). I don't think the corn is as good in the first week or so of the season as it is a little later, and it's more expensive, so I'm waiting for a week.

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                        Supposedly local corn was on sale for .25 per ear at Whole Foods Fresh Pond last weekend -- 3 of the 4 ears we brought home and grilled that night were mealy and starchy (the ears from GA at Russo's a couple of weeks earlier were far superior) -- it's back to Wilson Farms from now on for corn for us!

                      2. Bought some native corn today at Wilson Farms in Lexington- $5.98 per dozen. Will try it for dinner tonight. The nectarines and peaches are fabulous. They also had some sour cherries. Didn't buy any- wasn't quite sure how to serve them. From the bakery, the oatmeal raisin cookies were also great. Romaine lettuce was a bargain at .98 for a large head.

                        1. Volante's Farm in Needham is selling native corn. Not sure if it is their own.

                          1. I have now had native corn from Verrils, Hutchins and Wilson Farms. Hutchins Farm [Concord] won the taste test hands down, but was also the most expensive.

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                              Just had an ear of the corn from Wilson Farms. It was great- and was about .50 an ear- which I did not think was too bad. Ho much was the Hutchins Farm corn?
                              I was visitng some relatives in Ohio earlier this week, and we had corn one night. Cannot compare to our local corn. And there are conrfields for miles and miles where I was- I guess they use most of it for animal feed.

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                                Hutchins was sold by the pound, and I didn't weight each ear, but I didn't get much change for my bills. In the past, Wilson farms has always been my go-to place for corn, and I don't expect that to change. The flavor really depends on the variety that is being harvested at any given moment. Week one of local, Hutchins won. Next week it will be someplace else. Late August corn is one of the best reasons to live here. We are in the warm up stage right now, getting our jaws in shape for the Queen Anne variety.

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                                  I am really going to enjoy this corn season. Last year, I had a lot of oral surgery and was unable to enjoy the corn. I may have to try Hutvhins some time. I make the trek to Melrose to Wilson Farms for all of my produce. ALso love their bakery- and have even enjoyed some of their prepared side dishes ( scalloped potatoes are sinful and delicious).
                                  Had blueberries today, but I am waiting for the tiny Maine blueberries. Love them.

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                                    smtuckers points are spot-on. I tilt towards Verrill's because I like the people, the operation. their amazing heirloom tomatoes and, more shallowly. because they're closer to our abode. I have a hard time bringing myself to buy those those cultivar high bush blueberries. They pale so much in comparison to their wild Maine low bush cousins as to seem a different "animal" entirely . Obtw, have you been to the Dream Away yet?


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                                      Was at Banana Joe's in Worcester last weekend and they had plenty of native corn $1.99/doz.
                                      Driving down RT 119 through Littleton and Groton into Pepperell and you'll find several farmers with native corn all around $.50/each.

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                                        Good to know othervoice and a nice trip for those living inside of 128 to take with the kiddies as well.