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First Date Spot: Lounge/Wine Bar????

Looking for a lounge/wine bar/ casual restaurant or hotel bar for a first date on Sunday night. Need to stay between Chelsea/Flatiron and the UWS.

Any creative or unpredictable suggestions for a good glass of wine and laid back conversation?


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  1. Wined Up (Bwy between 20th and 21st) is supposed to be great.

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        second Flatiron Lounge - great atmosphere and drinks

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          I third Flatiron Lounge. I had a first date there a few months ago, and found the atmosphere to be absolutely perfect. Plus, they have one of the better drink lists in town.

      2. Wined up is great. The offer all their wines as flight for five dollars each.

        1. Barcibo on Broadway at 69th. Super cute intimate spot with great wines and small plates. Very quiet. Love it there!

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            I love the window seats @ Barcibo, I only wish they had more than 4.

          2. Vintage New York (93rd & Broadway). Great wine selections, small selection of foods. Their SoHo location has a more extensive menu.

            1. Wine and Roses on Columbus btwn. 73rd and 74th st. Excellent wine, service, and good food if you want it, outdoor seating, and the volume is low enough for good conversation, but lively enough that if you have an awkward first date silence it won't be...too awkward.

              1. Bar Veloce on 7th Ave in Chelsea/Flatiron.
                Barcibo on the UWS.

                1. What about La Lanterna di Vittorio? That place is really underrated. They have a beautiful enclosed courtyard straight out of secret garden. It's well priced, dimly lit, unpretentious, and romantic.

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                    I love this place, too. It's one of the most romantic spots in the city--except when it's so crowded you're sitting on top of the next table.

                  2. Riposo 46 would be nice.