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Tracht's Long Beach?

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Anyone been yet? How is it?

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  1. Where is this place, I haven't heard of it?

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      Suzanne Tracht of Jar restaurant fame opened a place in the Renaissance Hotel on Ocean Blvd.
      Here is all the info from open table dot com.

    2. There's a full review in Long Beach's alt-weekly, the District.
      Sounds great.

      1. if suzanne did it, it must be good. i love her.

        1. We were there Friday night. Food, service, butterscotch pudding; all remarkable. Haven't been to Jar, but if this is how Suzanne Tracht cooks, I'm a fan. It was scarily empty for a downtown Friday night -- probably a third of the tables occupied. Wake up, Long Beach! We have a gem here!

          1. I've been twice and will go again, but the service wasn't the best. I think it'll get better -- staff seems young and inexperienced in this type of restaurant. Food was outstanding as were the cocktails. Long Beach has needed a restaurant like this for a long time and thanks to Susan it's finally arrived. Order the holy water if you're looking for a fun cocktail!

            1. They must be catering to the business lunch/convention crowd. Do they validate parking?

              A lot of LB residents don't go downtown unless they are stuck on jury duty.

              Is it mainly a steak and potroast comfort food place, or are there lighter dishes on the menu?

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                They do indeed validate parking.

              2. Just went there as well. Excellent meal.

                The entry is in the lobby of the Renaissance Hotel but the patio spills out facing Ocean Bl. This is great addition for those who like outdoor patios, it is large and clean. If you park in the Hotel parking lot behind the hotel you can be validated for up to 2 hours. We went over on time, so I got a new ticket and had them validate the new one.

                Appetizers and meals and sides (steakhouse style with meat and "sides") were all really good, a large variety of meats ordered were all perfectly prepared as ordered. Apps and sides are all inventive and very flavorful.

                OK wine list and excellent cocktails. My only knocks would be service - I agree with above comment about young, new staff, lots of "rookie errors" and price - but I always bitch about price. Only light item was chicken, but to be honest we were in a "heavy" mood. I could have made a very good, and light meal on the appetizers and sides. So, yes I think anybody seeking something light would enjoy the variety.

                Trachts will be a great addition to high end steaks, a nice place for a cocktail, a good business outing in downtown LB and very good patio dinning.

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                  Thanks for the response. Does sound like it's for the red meat set, though.

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                    Not just for steaks. I had their wonderful pot roast and there were three fish specials on the for the night--opa, mahi mahi and dont remember.
                    Others had chicken and pork chop and lamb shank.
                    All were terrific. This was a sumptuous meal. The appetizers were solid, though the fried oysters were somewhat too heavily breaded. Black mussels were primo, not shriveled in a fine broth. The deviled egg were yummy; buddy says "the best I ever et"--he went to Yale.
                    The sides--duck fried rice and asparagus--were stand outs. The yams were lovely. I could have done without the sour cream, but that's me. If you dont like meat, you could easily make a dinner of sides and appetizers.
                    The pot roast--which I had and they brought the extra carrots that I requested--was fork tender and the sauce was rich and I used a spoon to get every last drip.
                    The service was attentive to the point where I had to ask them not to keep refilling the wine glasses. I hate that part.
                    We sat outside with two foodie friends from Berkeley. Everyone was a happy camper.

                2. After a long self-imposed exile from JAR, I was excited to have dinner at Tract's this evening. When I made my reservations today, I gave all of the requisite information including my e-mail address for reservation confirmation - which I never received.

                  We started with the the endive, Asian pear and Humbolt fog salad. Just like I remembered from JAR. A nice balace between the acid of the vinagrette, the sweetness of the pear and a generous portion of cheese. My BFF ordered the Wedge which I didn't try because I didn't want to share my salad! I still gave her a taste and she was disappointed she didn't order the same thing.

                  For our main courses we ordered the skirt steak with peppercorn sauce. Probably the most tasty dish I've tried in years. Her fiance ordered the Pot Roast. I thought he was having a seizure because his eyes rolled to the back of his head, he was in food nirvana. The horseradish sauce on the side was a perfect compliment. I thought the onions were overwhelming and brought too much sweeteness that threw off the savory notes of the perfectly braised beef. It held it's shape for the plated presentation and surrendered at the slightest touch of the fork. His daughter who is extremely picky ordered the burger and fries. It was devoured without a complaint. The BFF orderd the filet and became very defensive with her fork and knife when anyone attempted to sneak a bite. She also ordered a sampler of all the sauces and was a happy camper. For sides we ordered the purple yams - sublime. The brussel sprouts; I prefer them savory not sweet - again overkill on the sweet onion. The fries with a side of aioli was a meal in itself. Side of asapargus was nicely seasoned.

                  With full tummys, desert presented a quandry - to share or not to share. We decided to go for the chocolate and butterscotch puddings. Excellent dark rich chocolate that had the consistency between a pot de creme and mousse. Smooth and silky with a nice dollop of whip cream. The butterscotch had a nice layer of caramel that coated any exposed pudding immediately whenever a spoonful was extracted. The texture was not as smooth as the chocolate and had a very slight grit. It was a difficult decision between the pudding and the banana cream pie. There was also a brown butter tart offered. There is always tomorrow.

                  The service alternated between attentive to non-exsistent although there were many people dressed in servers uniforms. At one point one of the managers was standing with four other employees looking out over the dining room. As my BFF and I waved our hands trying to get ANY of their attention, our attempts were in vain. I don't understand how they couldn't see us, we were sitting maybe 10 feet in front of them only one table away from them . . . They didn't appear to be engaged in any type of logistical discussion by the looks of their casual demeanor. I actually made eye contact with two of them, so I know they saw us trying to get their attention. As these five were standing in front of us staring right through us, a wonderful bus staffer named Michael John, came up from the other end of the floor and immediately atteneded to our request. He's definitely the rising rock star on staff there.

                  The time between ordering and our salads arriving was longer than expected, perhaps it is the newness of the staff. When we arrived, there was no one in valet so I self-parked. Parking with validation was still $12.00. I should have done what Wilp did in the parking situation.

                  Overall I am thrilled to have this restaurant so close to home and next door to my biggest clients!

                  1. This restaurant is located @ Pine and Ocean @ the Renaissance Long Beach Hotel. The food was amazing, I was impressed by my servers attention to detail and her knowledge about the food and wine pairings. She had dark hair and was very enthused about all of the food. She made excellent suggestions when it came time to order our entrees and select the proper side dishes. The chefs in this restaurant know what they are doing, the food was prepared exactly how we ordered it and it was very fresh. This is an amazing addition to Long Beach, everyone should give it a try!

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                      Other than the detail about the server's hair color, is there anything specific that you remember eating or can recommend?

                    2. just to toss in my 2 bits: wife, daughter and i went last night and had a really nice meal. probably, with frenchies and 555, the best upscale restaurant in long beach. we sat on the patio (little cool, they don't have overhead heaters, but radiant from below which takes a while to get active). 3 apps: crab deviled eggs (really good, though a little refrigerator-tasting), fried oysters (terrific, particularly the house cocktail sauce), humboldt fog salad (really terrific--the pumpkin seeds really tie the flavors together). We split the pot roast and with three side dishes (mashed potatoes, creamed corn and sauteed pea sprouts), that was just fine. pot roast was as good as always. extremely rich beef. mashed potatoes were probably my favorite of the sides. creamed corn was good, but slightly bland (heh, corn these days, what are you going to do?), and the pea sprouts i'm afraid hadn't been cleaned as well as they could have--there were some awfully tough stems in there. had the butterscotch and chocolate puddings for dessert. both just exactly what you would want, though the servings were extremely generous; at the end of a big meal, this would have been enough for four, probably. service was friendly and fairly competent, though still far from polished. but that actually works just fine, probably even better in long beach, where a little rough edge might help some folks who might otherwise feel intimidated by a big deal place. it is fairly pricey, particularly for the queen city: with a bottle of prosecco, two glasses of Shiraz, it was about $160 before tip. valet parking is complimentary--a nice touch given hotel parking rates. the room was about 1/3 full. i do hope folks will support this place; lbc does not have a great track record when it comes to fine dining.

                      1. Finally got around to trying Tracht's this weekend and I think it was a very successful trip. It was actually pretty busy(could've been the Hula competition at the convention center) inside and out on the patio which is where we sat. Three of us shared a fried oyster app. which was very tasty and came on a bed of potato straws. I thought it was a cute and yummy presentation! For Entrees, we had the pot roast, burger, and summer tomato salad with a side of onion rings. Everything was good though the pot roast could've been a smidge more tender and my burger was overcooked. But the fries pretty much made up for the burger. Fantastic fries! Herby, slightly garlic-y, and perfectly seasoned. For dessert we had the chocolate pudding which was fine. I agree with previous posts that mention the generous size of the pudding. I don't know if we were just lucky, but our waiter was fantastic. I'll definitely be back to try some of their other offerings and the banana cream pie.