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Jul 13, 2007 07:05 PM

Family Dining Suggestions near Stone Mountain, GA

We'll be coming to Stone Mountain, GA, in two weeks for vacation and I'd like some suggestions for family dining in that area. We'll be staying for 4 nights and I have a eight-year old who will eat anything and then a picky three-year old (so I need the children's menu for him). We'll be exploring places in Atlanta too, but mostly during the day, as Stone Mountain will be our home base. Any suggestions? We don't mind chains, but we do like to try new stuff so it's better if they are regional chains that won't be found in Orlando, where we are from. Seafood, steakhouse/chicken place, Italian, Japanese, Chinese would be good.

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  1. Okay, I've been checking the boards here - what do you think of Mary Mac's Tea Room, The Flying Biscuit, and The Varsity? Are those places for kids?

    1. The breakfast buffet at the Marriott located in the park is fantastic.

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        Thanks grampart - maybe we'll do that on our Stone Mountain Park day.

      2. Stone mountain is a tough area for good food as there is not much out there. Where will you be going during the day - sightseeing? A trip to the Varsity is always fun and the food is guaranteed to please kids. Mary Mac's is over-rated and Flying Biscuit could be tough with kids as there is usually a wait. Let me know what other things you have planned and I'll try to get you some good recs for those areas.

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          Thanks Atlanta Chow Hound! We have planned to go to GA Aquarium and the new Coke Museum one day, Zoo Atlanta and the Botanical Gardens another day and the final day going to Stone Mountain Park. So, two days we will be travelling around downtown Atlanta.

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            On the day you go to the Aquarium and World of Coke, plan on eating at the Aquarium - food is pretty good and a wide variety (including nice pastas, salads and a great dessert selection). On your way home from downtown one day, you should go to Fritti. It's a great casual pizza place that has neapolitan style pizzas (and one of the few restaurants in the country to receive the actual designation from Italy). Great selection that kids will like, but upscale enough you will feel like you've had a nice evening out as well. Another place to stop for dinner on your way home is in Decatur, which is between Downtown and Stone Mountain. There's a restaurant there called "Watershed Restaurant" - owned by Scott Peacock (a James Beard award winner) and Emily Saliers from the Indigo Girls. If you could plan on going on Tuesday night, you'll have the world's best fried chicken (served after 5:30 on Tuesday only), but try to make reservations as it's really popular. Their website is Very fresh menu and you'll enjoy the food, but it's casual enough to take kids. While you're at the Botanical Gardens, you can walk down Piedmont, just past the entrance to Piedmont Park and go to Willy's. It's a burrito joint that is a great lunch spot. A great Chinese spot that's on the east side of town (sort of) is Pyng Ho - near Emory in Decatur on Clairmont Road. Not your typical Chinese joint and run by a very personable man named Steve. We enjoyed a great meal there with some regulars and had one of the best Chinese meals we've ever eaten. (Would be easy to hit on your way out of downtown heading back to Stone Mountain.) While in Stone Mountain, make sure you take a Duck tour - your kids will love it! Many of the restaurants that you would probably enjoy might not be the best fit for a picky 3-year old, but if they are well behaved, you might want to check out Nam (Thai), Nan Thai or The Oceanaire Seafood Room (think they all have websites you can check out). Enjoy your visit here!

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              Thanks so much Atlanta Chowhound! I'll take your post with me and report back!

        2. Garden Produce & Country Store