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Jul 13, 2007 07:01 PM

Monterey Park Chinese Food

My husband has to be in Monterey Park one afternoon next week for a meeting & we thought I would tag along & we could FINALLY have a great chinese meal there after hearing rave reviews for years. So, where shoudl we go? What should we eat? We are looking for a dinner spot & are quite adventurous although I am pregnant & do have my limitations now! Thanks in advance.....

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  1. Obviously, I'm biased and newly "in love" seeing as how I am still digesting my most excellent meal but I'd go here:

    Seriously, a nice variety of food, good service, ever so tasty.

    Hong Yei
    288 South San Gabriel Blvd. 1st floor
    San Gabriel, CA 91776

      Empress Harbour on Atlantic Blvd & Garvey
      Ocean Star on Atlantic Blvd by Garvey
      Capital Seafood: Atlantic Blvd by Garvey (99 Ranch plaza)

      CHUI CHOW:
      Seafood Village on Garvey Ave by Atlantic (try the house special crab)

      1. I'll second the recs by jenn and WHills for Hong Yei and Seafood Village, respectively.

        Although, just be warned, that Hong Yei's dishes can be a bit spicy and perhaps even too spicy for those who have a milder palate.

        Other places to consider include Mei Long Village for XLB, Lions Head, scallion pancakes, etc.

        Or Dumpling 10053 for (what else?) dumplings or maybe even Luscious Dumplings for the same.

        And maybe Newport Seafood for Vietnamese inspired seafood like the great house special lobster.

        Finally, consider Lu Din Gee for Peking Duck.

        But there are also so many Hong Kong style banquet type places like Ocean Star, 888, Sea Harbour, Mission 261, etc. that any list wouldn't do justice, much less be comprehensive.

        Enjoy wherever you end up.

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          RE HOng Yei, everything there isn't spicy and those things that are spicy seem to be pretty clearly marked in the menu with red ink versu black.

          Mei Long village is steller.

          I would also suggest the Dong Ting Spring [I think thats the name], a Hunan place on the second floor of the mall at Del Mar and Valley where Green Village used to be. It is on the farther end from the 99 ranch market. Very tasty stuff--for ideas about Hunan food, check out Fuschia Dunlop's recent [this year] cookbook on Hunan food.

        2. Seafood Village for Chiu Chow/Teochew -- get the crab and the Chiu Chow porridge.

          Green Village for Shanghainese -- get the bean curd with pork, the pork pump, and a vegetable. It's moved, now on Valley across from Mei Long Village.

          888 for Cantonese seafood -- take cues from your fellow diners.

          China Islamic on Garvey for northern food -- get the thin sesame bread with green onions, lamb (especially five spice) and la mian -- hand cut noodles.

          And finally, go to Shau May in the Garvey Lincoln center and get Taiwanese shaved ice and watermelon juice for dessert.

          1. China Islamic does great lamb moo shoo..get the special one that has egg on top, and glass noodle..