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If the Vancouver locals were heading out to eat…

If the locals had your choices for 2 places for breakfast, 2 for lunch, and 2 for dinner in Vancouver…where would you choose? (any cuisine will do)

The places do not have to be cutting edge or trendy…just real good food. And places that have food unique to Vancouver are a big plus!

Thank you so much in advance!

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  1. For Breakfast:
    I would start at the Epicurean http://www.frommers.com/destinations/...

    Sciue Italian Bakery Caffe

    Parkside http://www.parksiderestaurant.ca/
    Toratatsu 735 Denman Street Vancouver, BC Phone: 604-685-9399

    1. breakfast:
      I second Epic

      Au Petit Cafe for Vietnamese
      Go Fish! for fish&chips and other fresh seafood

      Guu for Japanese izakaya food
      Tropika for Malaysian (I prefer Tropika over Banana Leaf, personally; beware of bad service at the Cambie location!)

      Thomas Haas in North Vancouver for stilton cheesecake... yummm...

      1. Breakfast: the little french cafe in the french cultural centre

        fiddlehead joe's by the water


        Go Fish
        Irish Heather

        hapa izakaya

        1. Brekky:
          Central on Denman (brekky 'til 4)

          Raincity Grill - Denman as well but this has a great view of the water
          Hapa Izakaya in Kits

          Aurora - Main St)
          Lolitas - Davie St

          1. Breakfast: sunshine diner, de dutch panokek house
            Lunch: phnom phen, Feenies, Sun Sui Wah, Au Petit Cafe
            Dinner: Hapa Izakaya, Hy´s steakhouse, Blue Water, Octopus Garden

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              PROVENCE http://www.provencevancouver.com/mari...
              WHITE SPOT: always a good local place to go, been around forever so many around the city.
              Caffe Artigiano: Great sandwiches and the coffees are to die for. Too bad the original owners sold the place so hopefully they kept the charm.
              Simply Thai (Yaletown): Great lunch specials
              SANDBAR: downstairs is a small and quiet sushi bar but the chef is the best! If the place is a little too quiet for you, go upstairs and you can order sushi there and enjoy the great space and outdoor patio.
              GUU ( 3 locations): Japanese Izakaya
              CHOPSTICK CAFE( yaletown): Japanese Izakaya
              Banana Leaf:
              Check this site:

            2. I've made on expensive choice (E) and one cheaper/moderate choice (C/M). I have no life.


              E: Nu
              C/M: Seb's


              E: Metro
              C/M: Sun Sui Wah


              E: West
              E: Tojo's
              E: Boneta
              C/M: Phnom Penh (favourite)
              C/M: Chill Winston
              C/M: Kabuni Sushi

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                ooo man isnt phnom penh the best........do you get the fried wings or the squid? im all squid now, same batter and dip though both great.....butter beef, wow. hey i was just wondering about this kabuni sushi you mentioned, never heard of it. also check out my reply on the van sushi board, have you ever been to toshi?

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                  sorry it was on the Van BC sushi and dim sum board

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                    I think Cancuk is talking about Kibune Sushi in Kits. We go there quite frequently as it is my parents' favourite sushi bar. We've never had anything bad there and the food can be quite outstanding. The atmosphere is relatively casual but they do have tatami rooms and a largish bar. Try the usuzukiri (sp?) if you go.

                    Kibune Sushi Restaurant
                    1508 Yew St, Vancouver, BC V6K3E4, CA

                2. Lunch:
                  Foundation on Main, (vegetarian/funkmeister)
                  Legendary Noodle on broadway near oak (hand pulled noodles) or any of the Pho places around (soup)
                  Saravana Bhavan (south indian buffet on broadway near oak)

                  Expensive -- Seasons at the Park is my favorite
                  Medium -- I second Banana Leaf (malasyan),
                  Fish on Rice on Broadway (sushi buffet),
                  For bar food, I like Hell's Kitchen -- their pizza is excellent

                  OK that's more than two but I skipped breakfast

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                    I think Rasputin is recommending either Sha Lin or Peaceful on Broadway near Oak. Legendary is also good but it is on Main Street near 26th (I have heard the other outposts are not as good). Between Sha Lin and Peaceful, I'd choose the latter for reasons I have posted elsewhere. All have hand pulled noodles and all are super inexpensive. If any of these three appeal, you might want to do a search on this board...

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                      Yes I think that rasputin45 probably meant to say Peaceful or Sha Lin. I have to say that Legendary on Main St. is quite good.