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Philly Hound spending 3 days in Boston

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My husband & I will be spending 3 days in Boston. We are staying at the Fairmont and looking for some suggestions nearby. One day we are meeting one of my students for lunch in Cambridge. I need some suggestions for breakfast and dinner near the Fairmont and lunch in Cambidge. Thanks.

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  1. For lunch in Harvard Sq., you might try Upstairs at the Square or Sandrine's. For dinner in Copley Sq., Sorellina.

    1. There are loads of places near your hotel so it really depends on what you are looking for. The South End is a short walk from there and if you like seafood, I'd hit B&G Oysters especially for the large selection of fresh oysters and the lobster roll. They also have a very nice outdoor patio.

      1. The Copley Square area (where your hotel is) has lots of restaurants but most are mediocre. Sorellina is very good but also very expensive. Other good choices in the area include; Azure (in Lenox Hotel) new American, Duozo (Dartmouth St) sushi, Bouchee (Newbury St) French bistro, Grill 23 (Berkeley St) steak, Also, the Oak Room in your hotel has good steak and a great setting.

        If you go a distance away from Copley Square, there are more exciting possibilitries. Head south two or three blocks to Tremoint St in the south end and there are lots of good places.

        For breakfast, there aren't many options. Au Bon Pain is in the Copley Place Mall. Dunkin Donuts is on Boylston St. Only the hotel restauarnts open for a regular breakfast.

        1. Brasserie Jo in the Colonnade Hotel does a very nice breakfast.

          1. Don't know which days of the week you're going to be in Boston or your preferences: A few options other than those already listed:

            Breakfast weekdays: Charlie's Sandwich Shoppe (429 Columbus). They're famous for their turkey hash, although I'm not a huge fan. However, their potatos are usually excellent.

            Brunch weekends: Metropolis (584 Tremont). Probably my favorite brunch place in the South End. Would need a longer stroll.

            Alternative weekend brunch/breakfast idea: take the Orange Line to Chinatown, and try dim sum at Hei La Moon (88 Beach St, have to leave Chinatown proper through the big Chinatown gate and cross the street) or New Shanghai (21 Hudson).

            Dinner: Petit Robert (480 Columbus). Short walk from the hotel.

            Martini: The Oak Room, as noted, or Brasserie Jo (120 Huntington Ave). The Colonnade Royale at the latter is my favorite martini. Go Mon-Thurs, sit at the bar, and let Cesar take care of you.

            1. Unfortunately the area around Copley Square is something of a culinary dead zone which is not to say that there aren't lots of restaurants, but memorable eating is a little harder to come by. I am deeply fond of Tapeo, which serves Spanish style tapas and has lovely outdoor dining on Newbury Street, but many on this group aren't so keen on the place. Agreed with lissy that you're just as well off schlepping a few blocks to the South End, where you have Hammersley's Bistro, Sibling Rivalry, B&G Oysters and the Butcher Shop all within a block of each other at the corner of Berkeley and Tremont.

              For upscale dining in Harvard Square, Upstairs at the Square or Sandrine's would be decent. For mid-level, I'd go with Darwin's for a sandwich on Mount Auburn Street or Z-Square which offers some surprisingly not bad lunch fare. For gutbucket stuff, there's Bartley's for the legendary burgers (more about the toppings than the burgers, but I have a sentimental soft spot for the place) and Charley's Kitchen for more local color and low prices.

              1. Can I get into any of these restaurants without reservations? We will be in from Thursday to Sunday. Is it okay to take the subway at night? Thank you for all your suggestions and replies.

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                  For breakfast and lunch you shouldn't need a reservation. I would certainly make one for dinner anywhere that accepts them.

                  I feel safe on the subway in the areas you've mentioned.

                2. Thanks for the suggestions. It turns out we were traveling with our dog (a Katrina rescue) and she doesn't like to stay in the room alone. We had to dine outside. Newbury Street worked out just fine. We ate at Stephanies and Armani's. It worked out fine and we had a great visit to your lovely town.