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Jul 13, 2007 06:44 PM


Has anyone been to AOC lately? How is the food? As a New Yorker visiting LA... is it worth a visit?

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    1. Definitely, if you're in the trendy / bollyholly / fancy schmancy / charge-me-the-whole-leg-for-that-micronic-slice-of-mortadella crowd.

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      1. re: RicRios

        Sit at the bar and have a meal. it's fun.

      2. My two favorite dishes at AOC are the farro and the stuffed dates. At the very least, make sure you order the dates. The chicken liver crostini is also quite good.

        1. Absolutely worth a visit. One of LA's best. Do it!

          1. was there wednesday night, really solid menu right now, spoke w/ one of the charcuterie chefs and they said that the kitchen has gone through some changes in a very good way recently, and it shows I think. chef goins is out with twins for a while, but it really doesn't hurt that much, the menu has come back to nice flavor....whereas for the past couple of seasons its tasted like....rancid oil....IMHO. The wine list on the other hand has changed a lot, and for the worse IMHO, used to be you could really taste some fantastic wines by the carafe. i was there with a vintner from sonoma and we were really surprised at how much the wine list seems to have lost its depth and food friendliness, but there were some really interesting bottles for the bold palate. recommend: eggplant and burrata, house terrine, corn and shrimp salad