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Jul 13, 2007 06:41 PM

Korean Spicy Chicken

There was a post that i cant find it now and it mentioned a place in Flushing or Bayside on Northern (I think) where they specialize this korean spicy chicken where its like cooked in a sunken skillet type thing in the middle of the table...i've had something exactly like this in Seoul before and it was awesome, I want to go try this place really bad

anyone know which place they were talking about and where it is?

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  1. The one i think your thinking about is gone .The owner changed it into a regular korean bar about a year ago. Have never heard about another place yet.

    1. ya I love that place! but the last I went was maybe 4 years ago; it is right near that strip of korean restaurants just before the LIRR underpass, but according to ramen girl, it is closed? still worth doing a driveby or walkby just in case, because I think I still saw the same sign of a cartoon chicken the last time I drove by there. worth a look; it's really good, and I also had their hangover stew (not sure of the real name, but basically, its a chigae with maybe 4 kinds of meat in it also; spam, sausage sliced on the bias, etc.) and really good.

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        i think you're talking about pudae chigae...that stuff is great albeit kinda filthy haha

        do you know what the cross st is on northern? (and which LIRR stop)...i want to go out there either this weekend or next

        1. re: Lau

          it should be around 160th or 161st street and northern, and the closest LIRR station should be the broadway station. there are a bunch of korean restaurants all around there, with various styles; I think there is a japanese-korean one, and I think this big skillet one, but again, it might be closed. But yes, last time I went, it was a huge metal skillet, maybe 2 feet in diameter and hardly enough room for plates and utensils, and you just ordered different preparations of this stir-fried chicken. and it was really good too. hope it's still there!

          1. re: bigjeff

            yes, i don't know the name of the place, but bigjeff's description is correct. it's literally across the street from the Broadway LIRR station. there's mainly korean bars along the road there, but there is a chicken restaurant there.

            1. re: Linda

              hmmm i hope its still there b/c it sounds alot like this thing i had i last time i was in korea....when i get a chance ill check it and report back

              1. re: Lau

                that place is closed! I walked by looking for it and saw a few fried chicken places (HOF places, which I think means beer + fried chicken?) and some other bars and restaurants, but that place with the huge griddle thing is closed.

                1. re: bigjeff

                  sucks! i had it in korea (and it was awesome), but i've never seen it here..i was looking forward to it

                  1. re: Lau

                    Yeah, that place was called 1.5 Dak Kalbi (dak kalbi = chicken kalbi). They had a location I think Palisades Park, NJ but it closed a long time ago. I've never found another dak kalbi place since 1.5 which is a shame since it IS so good!

                    1. re: hotdishandkimchi

                      yes that's it! the 1.5 I remember now . . . . and incidentally; anyone eaten at the chicken place which seemed to have replaced it? looks like it serves not just wings and drums like the other KFC places, but whole or half chickens.