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Jul 13, 2007 06:31 PM

Phyllo dough

I've been wanting to experiment with eggroll-like appetizers using various stuffings. For example, pear + blue cheese + toasted walnuts and that sort of thing. Seems like there are many possible combinations if I can just figure out some kind of wrapper.

I've been kind of shying away from eggroll wrappers, which I can get at my grocer, because I'm not particularly shooting for an Asian flavor. I wanted to get some sheets of phyllo dough from the freezer section, but all my grocer carries is puff pastry dough and precooked phyllo hors'd'ovaries cups.

I was wondering if anyone here knows about the practicality of making my own at home, and if it's not too much trouble, perhaps provide a recipe. I make normal bread and pizza dough fairly regularly, and I've got a stand mixer. But maybe it's one of those things that's such a pain in the ass that it's not worth the bother... some of that pastry cooking seems like something you'd have to spend time learning.

Also interested in other options for a wrapper. Thanks.

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  1. Instead of eggroll wrappers, what about rice flour wrappers, which you can get at an Asian grocer, but which are less doughy? The ones I can buy in Michigan come in a round plastic container and are almost transparent.

    Even the Greek cooks I know buy frozen phyllo, so I would recommend against trying to make it yourself.

    1. You may also consider strudel dough, which is feasibly made at home. It takes some practice and patience to stretch but is fun.

      I would not wrap individual appetizers with it though. I would bake long "logs" and slice. I have made multiple fillings side by side on the same batch of dough in order to have different kinds.

      This recipe ( is reasonably similar to my Hungarian grandma's, although they don't stretch it large enough. You should be able to see through the dough. Also it helps to carefully tear off the edges of the stretched dough, which are inevitably a little thicker.

      1. phyllo is extremely difficult to make for the home cook. Maybe your grocer can order some for you; it keeps well in the freezer.

        That said, I've never noticed an "Asian" flavor in eggroll wrappers. They taste like plain dough to me, and I use them for Italian, Asian, American and any other type of filling without a problem.