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Dec 16, 2005 02:19 PM

Fruitvale Village Mexican restaurant update

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A couple of weeks ago there was a discussion of the sit-down Mexican restaurant in the Fruitvale Transit Village complex. Word was that Jalisco II had been shut down by the health department.

Today I noticed that the windows on the restaurant have signs that read "Los Canteros coming soon." I assume this will be a branch of the Los Canteros taqueria mini-chain (one in downtown Oakland, one on San Pablo in Emeryville). I wonder if, considering the upscale decor, they'll do a more extensive menu. I wonder, also, if the liquor license went with the space, as the bar was quite nice.

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  1. Slight correction: the Los Canteros Taqueria in Oakland is on Grand Ave, halfway between the northernmost tip of downtown and the Grand/Lakeshore area. Quite a hike for those of us working in downtown, about a mile and a half depending on where you are.

    I thought there was a third Los Canteros somewhere else, too, although I cannot locate my menu to confirm or deny that.

    Sad to hear about Jalisco II. I never did make it there for lunch.