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Nick's Cove in Tomales

Has anybody been to Nick's Cove in Tomales? I have heard that they have completed the renovations and was curious to hear about it.

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  1. Looks like they are open, opentable's accepting reservations.

    Nick's Cove
    23240 Hwy 1, Marshall, CA 95450

    1. Don't know yet -- we're going in September. But my brother-in-law, who is something of a foodie, went to an event hosted BY Nick's Cove for the locals (he lives in Nicasio), and he said it was great!

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        Then again, since they are behind in their construction schedule, we've been told our rooms won't be open in time and cancelled our reservations for September . . .

      2. We went last weekend. Called 4 days before our reso to see if we could add 2 to ur party ( a local sonoma chef and his wife). they said no way and you guessed it...we sat and ate around empty tables that lasted through the lunch hour. Weak service, I'm sure it's hard to get good servers to drive out there. Valet parking is the only place to park and you have to cross Hwy. 1 to get to the rest., why wouldn't they have the valet guys take your car on the restaurant side of the highway and let them deal with traffic on the road? The food? on the weekends, it's brunch and not very inventive. Burgers, eggs etc. didn't really show what they might be capable of. Ambiance? Don't look at the 2 inches of dust on the fans - it'll spoil your appetite.

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          Somehow, my gut told me that would be the case. I remember the old Nick's cove (used to launch my sailboat at the ramp nearby). You always assume the entrepreneurs have done extensive demographic studies before investing...but I doubt if many will go that far for mediocre food and service. Too bad, I love Tomales Bay and hoped that Nick's Cove resurrected would be a winner. Not too many people will brave driving home after dinner. They must have a killer lunch, or forget it.

        2. It's a bit early to write the place off. They've been open less than three weeks.

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            It's a tough crowd up here I guess. But I think that Nick's Cove and the Kuleto people have been working on doing their renovation for at least a couple years. I would expect that if they are open that they should be open.
            Which brings me to another point... which restaurants have you been consistently underwhelmed by? West County Grill comes to mind. After my fourth bad meal there, I'm not going back.

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              Normally, Robert, you have a point. But after all the hype, and it being the middle of July, I have a feeling they will be humbled. Maybe they can pay off Bauer and get a good review. I really hope they make it...but I'm not crossing that road at night on foot. I'm even scared in broad daylight. It may drive a lot of weekenders to Tony's.

            2. Looks like they were just mentioned in the Marin IJ:


              1. Went there Sunday. Great ambience with the long bar, rustic furnishings and expansive deck with canvas roof, but the food was not close to the 3 star rating it got from the Chron. Ceviche was not prepared properly, bread was ordinary, clam chowder was excellent although very thin. Crab Louis was mostly crab (delicious) but too much mayo. The fish tacos, claimed in the review to be the best around were really very ordinary and disappointing. God wine list with several good choices from Marin. Service was very good. Went without a reservation and arrived at 11:30 when it opened. No problems getting a table on the covered deck but the inside dining room was for reservations and about 2/3 full. Valet parking is now in front of the entrance, not across the street.

                1. I stopped by Nick's Cove several months before it opened, while it was still under construction (was at one of Kathy' last hurrahs at the Marshall Store) and was surprised how long a drive it was from there. Love driving up the coast thru Point Reyes to Marshall-- so many good grub joints on the way that Nick's better be good. Its opened now and it getting good to very good reviews but I still think Kathy's back porch on Tomales was the best place to get the best bar b que'd oysters and mussels on the planet.

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                    I'm not sure I'm understanding the "Kathy" thing. Is the Marshall Store gone?

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                      >I'm not sure I'm understanding the "Kathy" thing. Is the Marshall Store gone?

                      Thanks, I was wondering the same thing.

                  2. Kathy told me on my last visit, many months ago that she would soon be selling the place, I think I have read that the new owners have re-opened but I have not been back yet. Any other reports?