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Jul 13, 2007 06:18 PM

dining tonight,..gochi or yamato??

Im going for dinner and drinks with a lady friend tonight and after much consideration my final desicison is between gochi and yamato, so my question for you chowhounders is which one will be less expensive? haha thanks

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  1. Both about the same. The vibe at Yamato's is better for a date, more raucous. Gochi, is good but always empty.

    1. I am one of the few on this board that loves Yamato. I think my fave chef left recently, but the sushi is good, not Urasawa, but a good price. Definitely sit at the bar or at least on the sushi side, not the teppenyaki side as you come out smelling of *food* Yamato is well priced, especially as many rolls are half-off.

      Try the sushi pizza; they also have soy paper, which is huge to me.