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Jul 13, 2007 05:39 PM

Why would I want my babyback, babyback,babyback ribs at Chili's??

I am a big fan of Chili's but tonight ordered something different than my usual Oldtimer burger....their much-vaunted babyback ribs. What is the deal with these things, people?
The bones were almost devoid of meat, much less flavor. I got the originals. Not much BBQ flavor at all, they tasted like some ribs that were parboiled and then dipped in a sauce guaranteed to not offend and heated in the microwave. That was my impression anyway. Does anyone see or taste it any different than I??

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  1. Chili's ribs suck. Bad. I co-sign your description. I love ribs, so the one time I had them I was severely disappointed. The first thing that ran through my mind was, "I want my money-back, money-back..."

    1. I know - they're awful! I had that song in my head and it made me hungry for ribs so i figured why not give it a try. I know why. Totally flavorless and practically no meat. I'm sure they had all the fat/calories somehow. It was so disappointing.

      1. Isn't that ad campaign at least 5 years old? I haven't heard them push ribs for a long time.

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          Chalk it up to a devastangly effective jingle. Although, I've definitely heard it on tv much more recent than 5 years ago.

          1. re: Ozumo

            In Find on Nov 13,2006 (under Nation's Restaurant News) there is mention that Chili's was going to push customers to sing the song on the 10th anniversary of it's release.

            I certainly have not heard it on television this year and just saw two Chili's ads on tv, as well as got a flyer in today's paper and no mention of the orginal babyback ribs, just the jalapeño ones...


        2. Alas, I worked there for about a year, a few years ago, and there was no microwave involved in the preparation of these ribs. Pressure smoked during prep in the morning, refrigerated, and then finished on the charbroiler when ordered. Microwaving them, even to "speed" things up during a rush, would have gotten the guilty broiler cook into quite a bit of trouble with the kitchen manager or expo.

          1. Who, other than Chili's, actually ever vaunted their ribs?

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              exactly. I'd rather eat babybok-babybok-babybok choy!