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Jul 13, 2007 05:13 PM

Mexican in Malibu?

Are there any good (or at least tasty and non-chain) Mexican restaurants in Malibu?

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  1. How about Abuelita's at Topanga Canyon and just a bit north (well more than a bit - but if you head for the beach over Topanga it's convenient) of PCH?

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      My wife reminded me that you can also give Casa Escobar in Cross Creek a try, (and as she just said - this one is actually IN Malibu).

      Casa Escobar
      3828 Cross Creek Rd
      Malibu, CA
      (310) 456-9919

    2. Howdy's at the Country Mart.

      1. There is a place called something "Beach Cantina" I think it's Coral Beach Cantina. But, I'm not sure. It's just off the PCH near Pt. Dume. There is a sign on the PCH as you head back from Pt. Dume, although the restaurant is set back from the road so all you see is the sign. It shares a patio with a sushi joint. It's reasonably good Mexican food (a little americanized), margaritas, etc.