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Jul 13, 2007 05:07 PM

Saratoga in August

Looking for dinner at the Spa for under $75 a person. What's the best? Where do the locals go? Doesn't have to be in Saratoga proper. Are there any hidden gems that the crowds haven't found? Any sort of cuisine, as long as it's good. Thanks.

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  1. Locals have a tendency to stay away during the racing season, but you might enjoy Beekman Street Bistro or the Wine Bar, where you can sneak by at your budget. Older favorites include Sperry's, probably the most "local" local joint, and Chianti, which has a nice scene, but doesn't take reservations.

    Beekman Street Bistro
    62 Beekman St, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

    Wine Bar
    417 Broadway, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

    Sperry's Restaurant
    30 Caroline St, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

    Chianti Il Ristorante
    208 S Broadway, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

    1. We go up in August too and if we really want tro stay under budget there is the Ripe Tomatoe in Ballston Spa..... There was also a new place we tried last year that was pretty reasonable and I think it was called Doc's on Putnam Street. I've been to Chianti's many times and for the most part enjoy it but it can be a hit or miss. I'll try to think of more and post later.

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        Very good places mentioned. I've been going up to the Spa for the racing meet for many years. One place I would check out is Lanci's. A very small, family owned and operated "real" Italian restaurant. Excellent food and an excellent experience. A lot of Italian wines -- Barollo's, Chianti's, etc. Everyone I know very much likes this place. It's across the street from the place mentioned in the post above -- Doc's Steakhouse -- both are on Putnam St. I would also check out the Grey Gelding (on Brodway). I think it might have been new last year, but I liked the food, environment, and everyone I know liked it as well.

        The Wine Bar is one of my favorite spots as it's the only place in town where I can smoke a cigar (they have a smoking room/lounge). I would call the menu a bit "ecclectic". The place was originally a "light fare" menu, and still today it's bit "light", although they do have a meat, chicken, fish, etc. entree on the menu (at least they did last summer when I was there, LOL). They also have a lot of cheeses, appetizers, desserts, etc.

        The other place that everyone I know really likes is Springwater Bristro. Top notch chef (David Britton) and top notch menu. Check out the menu on their website. The chef is brilliant and the menu changes often. High quality and excellent food!!!

        There are several other places that have a following and are pretty good, although I have found myself sometimes "fighting the menu" a bit, and others have made the same comment to me as well. Enjoy. Eric

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          How does everyone get their post to appear directly below the original, but below the most recent? Thanks. Eric

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            It depends which post you are replying to. If you are replying to the original post then hit the reply button that is on that post. Your reply won't go directly under the original post unless you are the first to reply, it will go to the bottom of the page but not indented. If, say for instance, you want to reply to my post then you would click the reply button that is here in my post and that response would be indented under my post, indicating that you are responding to something I said. BTW I was going to mention the Italian place across the street from Doc's but couldn't think of the name of it, I've heard all good things about it, thanks for coming up with the name.

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              Thanks for the posting help. I like Doc's as well. Whenever I have friends come to town to visit and there's a grab-bag of "I want steak" or "I want" whatever. Doc's is often the default go to place. I am a steak-eater for the most part -- besides sushi, a bit of Italian, occasional seafood -- and I've never had a bad steak at Doc's. It's not Peter Luger's, but it's a reliable, good place to go. Most people I know like the place.

              I don't know if $75 per person is a make or break #, and I don't know if you can do it -- but Chez Sophie is also very good. I've always enjoyed my meals and experience there. Eric

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                Was in town recently for a wedding and our group of 8 went to Doc's Steakhouse on the recommendation of this board. The steak-eaters in our group unanimously said the steaks were the best they'd ever eaten. I had sea scallops which were perfectly cooked but in an uninspired wine sauce. The menu is all beef and seafood -- no chicken or vegetarian entrees. The only down side of our meal was the salad bar -- it was really awful: limp field greens, some canned items, some not-so-fresh veggies. (My local supermarket does better.)