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Jul 13, 2007 04:25 PM

Seoul Food - Korean Food Truck in SOMA

Just yesterday I noticed that a Korean food truck was parked on Townsend between 3rd & 4th at noon. Has anyone tried it out? What's their schedule? I thought it was pretty funny. There are sushi trucks in parts of Mexico selling sushi instead of tacos.

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  1. There's a sushi truck in downtown SF.

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    1. re: larochelle

      Does the sushi truck still exist? Thanks!

    2. Could it be Seoul on Wheels or another truck?

      Pretty funny. Not only do they have a Chronicle mention, but a Food and Wine review.

      And ... you can follow the truck on twitter ... now that's something someone should suggest to the Cuban Sandwich truck ... I saw him in some really odd place ... oh yeah ... near the Cal Train station.

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        1. re: isaac1972

          That's sad to hear.

          Maybe the truck the OP spotted has something to do with First Korean Market on Geary whose DBA is Seoul Food, Inc. They have a catering truck. Was this truck actually selling food like a taco truck?

          1. re: rworange

            Er, the OP was from 2007 so it was the Seoul Food on Wheels truck that she spotted.

            Erinann revived this thread to ask about the sushi truck, not SFOW. But I haven't seen the sushi truck in a while so don't know if its still around.