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Jul 13, 2007 04:14 PM

In need of SUSHI recommendations - Santa Monica/Westside

Help. I'm visiting a friend in Santa Monica (near Montana & 17th Street). Do you have any good sushi restaurant recommendations for me?

Criteria is as follows:
Good quality fish is a must.
Don't want to drive to far. (5-7 miles max).
Dinner for 2 less than $70, total. Includes 2 alcoholic beverages.
I like traditional-style sushi. No rolls. I don't use soy sauce.
Takes reservations. Or the wait won't be more than 15 mins.
I love live sweet shrimp and toro (I know this breaks my $70 limit, but I'm just saying it for reference purposes).

I've eaten at Hide on Sawtelle already. Just curious if you have any other recommendations.

Not looking for Urasawa kind of sushi, obviously. And I'm not a fan of Sushi Roku.

Long story short...I like really good sushi, but I don't want to pay those prices tonight. Have any good values that fit my pocketbook tonight?


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  1. Sushi King at 14th and wilshire...small little place with great fish

    the selection is limited but for the price you can't beat it.

    no reservations though and the placed is packed unless you get there early....

    and you can have great toro or sweet shrimp with your $70 limit

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    1. re: cr5595

      Sushi Masu on westwood. Not sure about specific address, you want to search.

      Me and gf ate there, he served us omakase style

      Best. Sushi. Trip. Ever.

      Came out to a more than reasonable 56 bucks for the both of us, We tipped them $20 cuz we were so happy. Gave us I think 12 different types of fish.

      Memorable mentions: butterfish, PRAWNS, eel, seared salmon...hell, I think everything I had was bomb (except for maybe the clam..not too big a fan of clam)

      1. re: ns1

        Second the Sushi Masu recommendation - on Westwood, south of Santa Monica. However, not quite sure how you got out of there for so little - I took a friend there recently for her bday, and we got omakase, and it came out to just over $100 for both of us, which I thought was still a good price given what we got but nowhere near how little you paid.

      2. re: cr5595

        Agree, Sushi King is very good and within the price range. Sushi Zo is amazing, but you'll be way over budget :)

      3. If you are very very not hungry, you might be able to order a la carte at Sushi Zo and get out of there for $70. We ate for $30 each the other night, but no drinks and we had already had a small dinner.

        Daichan Kaiten in The Olympic Collection is conveyor belt sushi. $2 a plate, especialy good escolar nigiri. Good salmon as well, but overall nothing extraordinary. But really, under $20 a head. What more do you want? It's a fun place with decent quality.

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        1. re: Pei

          Sushi Zo is phenominal, but you're sure to spend more than $70 if you have even one drink.

          1. re: PlatypusJ

            Sushi Central on Palms and Overland Avenue is my new favorite takeout place (hauling food home for Japanese husband who works weird hours). It is a very attractive little restaurant and I hope to be able to sit down and eat in some day soon. The sushi we've had has been very fresh and very good. Haven't tried the sweet shrimp yet but the tuna has been fabulous.

            I don't know whether they take reservations but I've never seen anyone wait long.

            Sushi Central
            3500 Overland Avenue

        2. Echigo would fit the bill. Used to be my fave, but have moved on to Zo. Echigo is sushi only except for the blue crab roll.
          Had dinner at Kiriko on Sawtelle last night. Very good. Our omakase was $242 pre-tip but you could order alcarte and probably skirt under $70.
          A bit farther but still really good is Irori in Marina Del Rey. They have a full kitchen but I have had sushi-only meals there and have been quite happy. They do have ama ebi but can run out and their toro is good. Last time I was there (2 weeks ago) they had blue fin tuna and blue fin toro and they were fantastic. If you get the japanese scallop, ask for the sea salt on top. So good.

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          1. re: zoomchic

            the op wants to get out for $70 for TWO people; imho, that simply is not going to happen at kiriko.
            irori is out of the geographical area that the op wants, and getting out for $70 for two people would require some VERY careful ordering.

            1. re: zoomchic

              Echigo is a good idea. What about U-Zen? It would probably mean some careful ordering or getting one of their "set" sushi combo's but I am sure it could be done. Just east of Bundy on Santa Monica Blvd.

              U - ZEN
              11951 Santa Monica Blvd.,
              West Los Angeles, CA 90025
              (310) 477-1390

              11:30am - 2:00pm (Mon-Fri)
              5:30pm - 10:00pm (Mon-Thu)
              5:30pm - 10:30pm (Fri & Sat)
              5:30pm - 9:45pm (Sun)