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Jul 13, 2007 03:55 PM

Catered lunch recommendations?

I get to choose the lunch for my company's staff meeting this month and am looking for some new, creative ideas. Our budget is $250 for appoximately 20 people, including tax, tip and delivery, so $12.50/person. We're located in downtown Seattle.

Some past choice have been Harried & Hungry, Baguette Box, Tamarind Tree, Judy Foo's Snappy Dragon, Pagliacci (of course), and the hands-down favorite: make-your-own fajitas from Peso's.

My first idea was mini burgers from Cascadia, but it's going to be way too expensive if we add anything to the basic burgers and it leaves no extra money for sides.

Any suggestions or ideas?

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    1. re: dandelion

      Humbow's from Mee Sum Pastry in the market.
      Tortas From any Taco bus.
      Vietnamese sandwiches from Saigon Deli.

      1. re: dagrassroots

        These are some great ideas! I really want to do something outside of the normal sandwich or pizza....

    2. "Pogacha" in downtown Bellevue. They will deliver to Seattle and their prices are extremely reasonable... only need 24 hour notice. Their sandwiches come on their famous homemade bread.

      1. We've had great lunch boxes from Macrina. I think that would fit in your budget.

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        1. re: krb

          Sounds good, but only the lowest priced options will fit our budget. Too bad, because I love Macrina! I had no idea that they did box lunches.